FPL Interview: With Mervyn Glasgow

After Finishing 14th Overall in the World Last Year in Fantasy Premier League, Mervyn Glasgow Agreed to Share His Thoughts and Answer a Few Questions for us

1.) FPL Connect: You finished 14th overall in the world, you must be happy with that? We noticed you were 5th at GW34, surely the thought, ‘I could actually win this’ started to creep into your mind? 

Mervyn: “Very happy with 14th overall, was 6th going into the last gameweek so took a few gambles in the hope of possibly catching the leaders, but instead I dropped a few places due to Kanes 4 goal haul.”

“The thought of winning did start with about 10 gameweeks to go. All the green arrows just kept coming and the top 100 quickly became the top 10. It’s then when the obsessions kick in and I find myself streaming a Middlesbrough game, just to get disappointed with a De Roon 2 pointer.”


2.) FPL Connect: You were ranked around the 5k mark by GW10, what were the key elements for you in having such a good start? 

Mervyn: “For me it was mostly down to a couple of key players, I got Alonso in as soon as he was available, so I got the jump on a lot of people with that one. The out of positions is something to keep an eye on for gameweek 1.”

“I also tend to limit my bench so that I can afford as many big hitters at the start, 16.5m/17m is enough to sit on the bench in my opinion. In fact last year I ended up with two 3.9 defenders just to save funds.”


3.) FPL Connect: We noticed that you played your 1st wildcard in GW12, contrary to when many choose to play it (GW4-6), what was the thinking behind that? 

Mervyn: “To be honest, I started the season with the plan to play it in GW4 or so, but I felt I could hang on to it. If you have the team shaped with big hitters, it’s easier to go sideways. I had Sanchez from the start last season and the wildcard is more required if you have to reshape your team to free up funds.”


4.) FPL Connect: Who were your best/worst transfers and why? 

Mervyn: “Best transfers will sound obvious, but Kane was fantasy gold last year and as a Spurs fan I was never going to miss out on him once he got fit. Getting Alonso in before his price rises and Lukaku at just the right time also paid off.”

“The worst transfer and the one that annoyed me most, was when I went with Baines over Coleman in a move that cost me about 30 points – this was when they were both £5.5m I think. That ended up costing me big time, possibly even the difference between winning it or not.”

“The last few weeks I also went a bit ridiculous with my transfers, taking an in-form Eriksen out and bringing in Costa for the last couple of weeks.”


5.) FPL Connect: What were your best/worst moments and why? 

Mervyn: “My aim was to win a local bookmakers league with a £1000 prize, so winning that, was undoubtedly the best moment.”

“The worst moment has to be GW38 – taking the gamble of captaining Costa and watching Kane bang four in when most of the other players in the top 10 captained him – nightmare.” 

6.) FPL Connect: Where do you stand on the whole ‘hits v no hits’ debate? 

Mervyn: “I try my best to avoid them but some weeks you just can’t. 4 points isn’t that much to work back, so I like hits if im maybe trying to get a good Captain pick in. I’d actually like it if hits cost more – if they were 8 or 10pts, that would cut out a lot of transfers and everyone being able to get the same essential players in so easily.”

7.) FPL Connect: What was the thinking behind the Triple captain chip in GW27, the 2nd wildcard in GW30 and the BB chip in GW37? 

Mervyn: “At the time, I was thinking that Agüero was guaranteed to start in those two games and that City had to win – it was the known quantity with good fixtures Vs the unknown quantity, as at this point, we didn’t know who was going to play who in the latter double gameweeks. 9 points wasn’t great and in hindsight, keeping it would have been the better option.”

“The second wildcard was about one thing and it was to cover my main rival in the league I wanted to win. We were neck and neck at this point with similar teams and I saw the chance to set my team up for the run in. It wasn’t ideal but it worked out for me in the end.” 

“Having played my TC chip in GW27, using the BB chip in GW37 was the only logical decision to take full advantage of the fixtures.” 


8.) FPL Connect: What, do you feel, are the key elements in achieving a top 15 finish? 

Mervyn: “In all honesty, luck is a big part of it, lots and lots of luck. Apart from that, ensure you do your research, there’s so many great sites these days, like this one, who are dedicated to all things FPL – it’s all there on the internet, you just have to be bothered to look for it and actually apply it in the right way.” 

“Being adaptable too is key. Each season things will differ and throw something new at you, if you’re stuck in your ways, then you’re more likely to fail.” 

“Try to stay disciplined when it comes to transfers. Generally speaking, it’s always best to start off the GW on 0 than -4, as we can’t know for certain what players are going to score, so even if you think the form player you’ve transferred in is going to score well, factually speaking, he hasn’t done it yet and we can’t predict the future. It’s always a risk, but you need to balance it sometimes and take some risks, you can’t not take any hits all season.” 


9.) FPL Connect: What are your thoughts ahead of the new season? What about the new free hit chip? Which players most interest/don’t interest you and why? 

Mervyn: “I’d love to share my team, but I’m not going to.”

“However, it won’t be too far away from the most popular picks for a reason. Kane and Lukaku will be the obvious two, so it’s about picking 3 other big hitters to go alongside them. The Liverpool midfielders interest me, as do Man City forwards, the problem is knowing what ones – Jesus and Mane at the minute look the best options.”

“The wingback situation is important too, Walker could be playing very forward in a team setup to score tonnes of goals.  4-3-3 could well be a good starting formation this year. There isn’t many sub 7m midfielders interesting me, so the value may well sit with these wingbacks.”

“I’m not feeling anything Arsenal at the minute.Going forward Sanchez looks unsettled and likely to be left out again anyway and I’ll wait to see how Lacazette settles. West Ham and Everton fixtures are also making me avoid Chicharito or Rooney as 3rd Striker options, well at least until a possible GW4 wildcard.”

“I’m really liking the new free hit chip, as it looks like it could change a lot of the strategies and have more people doing different things, instead of saving the 2nd wildcard chip and bench boost for the doubles, maybe using the free hit chip will work best, or on the small gameweeks that have only 4/5 fixtures. Either way, I think it’s one to hold on to as long as possible. I think the FPL team could do more tweaks like this each year to keep freshening things up.”


10.) FPL Connect: Are you going to win FPL next year?

Mervyn: “Well I’ve stuck a tenner on myself with paddy power at 1000/1, but to be honest, you need so much luck along the way that I’ll be happy to get anywhere near that top 10 again!” 



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