Team FPL Connect Picks: Round 1

Fantasy Premier League tips from the team at FPL Connect ensuring you have those key performing players as well as a few cheeky differentials to get the jump on your rivals from gameweek to gameweek

A warm welcome to FPL managers everywhere! We’re kicking off the new Fantasy Premier League season with a new weekly series.

Basically, myself (Simon), Gaz and Pilko (forming Team FPL Connect) are always arguing and gabbing about FPL and it kind of feels like we’re the seasoned gentlemen displayed in the featured image the way we go on at each other!

Each of us have strong opinions and likes to think they know best, so I thought why not create a little side competition and put our scouting and future predicting skills to the test?

So I came up with this; each of us will pick the following:

  1. Who we think will be the top scoring player (TSP) for that week and a prediction of his returns for example, Kane – 16pts.
  2. A differential (5% ownership or less) and a prediction of his returns for example, Mounie – 7pts.

Each week the results will be tabulated according to the scoring system I created, so people can see who’s giving out the best advice and of course, a bit of friendly competition for us. The scoring system is as follows:

  • 1 point if your predicted differential pick gets 5pts or more.
  • 2 points if your predicted differential pick gets 10pts or more.
  • 1 point if your TSP scores 10pts or more.
  • 3 points if you nail just one of the expected returns for your player prediction.
  • 5 points if you predict who the top scoring player of the week is.
  • 6 points if you nail both expected returns for your player predictions.
  • 12 points if you nail both expected returns and you predict the top scoring player for the week.

For example, if one of us guesses Kane – 13pts for the TSP/ Mounie – 7pts for the differential and Mounie actually scores 7pts exactly, as well as Kane scoring 13pts exactly but isn’t the top scoring player for that week, that person will get a total of 7pts that week. (6 points for nailing both expected returns and 1 point for getting a differential scoring 5+ points).

So, now you’ve got all that… DING DING, GW1.


Gameweek 1 Picks


  1. Top scoring player: Kevin de Bruyne – 17pts.
  2. Differential: Vardy (4.5% Ownership) – 9pts.

Justification for TSP: I can see City really steam-rolling Brighton in the late kick off. They’ve looked irresistible in pre-season and this 352 formation Pep’s looking at, might just get the best out of everyone and I think Brighton will be in for a shock when they step out onto the pitch against The Citizens – KDB is at the heart of everything they do and I can see City scoring 3-4 here and KDB being central to their goals.

 Justification for differential: Arsenal’s squad looks depleted with a lot of players either doubtful or out for the game against Leicester. When Koscielny isn’t there for Arsenal, I always feel they suffer without him from a defensive stand point and I can see this being a perfect game for Leicester and in particular, Jamie Vardy. Arsenal will still try to take the game to Leicester and I can see plenty of opportunities for the Foxes on the counter.


  1. Top scoring player: Kevin de Bruyne – 16pts
  2. Differential: Shaqiri (3.7% Ownership) – 8pts

Justification for TSP: I think city will have too much for Brighton and look like scoring a fair few – KDB is the main man, an absolute assist machine! I’m seeing x2 assists, 1 goal and 3 bonus.

Justification for differential: I’m really not sure this week, I just like this guy as a player and he always has that chance to do something a little special, like scoring a screamer out of nothing, so I’m shooting with that really and hoping he can fire me into an early lead with a Shaqiri special!


  1. Top scoring player: Mané – 14 pts.
  2. Differential: Mounie (0.8% Ownership) – 9 pts.

Justification for TSP: Fancy Liverpool to attack from the off and the main man without Coutinho is Mané. Even without Coutinho, I think Pool have enough about them to score 2/3 and if they do, I can see a goal, assist and max bonus for Mané, as well as a cheeky clean sheet. Do also expect Salah to be in the points, but I think Mané just edges it for me.

Justification for differential: Palace have a new manager and a whole new defensive system. Huddy will play to Mounie’s strengths and get plenty of crosses in and he’s a beast in the air. I talked myself into getting Mounie based on the research I did for the article I wrote on him > – if you aren’t convinced of him, check this out first before you ignore him!

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