The FPL Transfer Market: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not?

With injuries, blanks and suspensions aplenty, people are scrambling for replacements, here’s a little look at who Fantasy Premier League managers are transferring in and out for Gameweek 3



With the tricky Ivorian winger looking likely to miss out for a reported 4 weeks down to the Huddersfield players ganging up on him like a mob, it’s forced a fair few FPL managers into action this week with over 200,000 managers shipping him out of their squads, but it’s not the only thing that needs addressing this week.

Cahill and Fabregas both suffered red cards and are being shown the door with no remorse by managers. Cahill has lost over 220,000 owners this week and Fabregas has lost around 140,000 – both have dropped 0.1 in value and with team value being so important at the start of the season, FPL managers have had to move quick to avoid the price drop.

Meanwhile, on the red side of Merseyside, a certain little Brazilian shocked the club, handing in a transfer request.

Coutinho is seemingly on his way out of Anfield with Barcelona the interested party and on the basis of last nights performance against Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup, they could seriously do with having him. Nearly 100,000 managers have ousted Coutinho so far this week.

Blanks from big names such as Gabriel Jesus, Kevin de Bruyne and Harry Kane, have some of us sweating and scrambling for potential replacements, even at this very early stage.

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With the August curse looming pre-GW1, what Kane owners didn’t want to see, was him missing sitters against Newcastle, – and they were sitters – reinforcing the August curse, but unfortunately, it happened and for some, it was enough to show him the exit door with around 115,000 managers deciding they weren’t going to wait any longer – slightly premature in my opinion, given the amount of chances he had and the favourable fixtures coming up.

Gabriel Jesus was another that should have scored at least once, but his header from point blank range was aimed right at the keeper, with his rebound attempt hitting the post.

Promising signs are there however, for Jesus to go on and score well, but for roughly 60,000 managers, it wasn’t good enough.

KDB is another that is high up on the list of transfers out this week.

At £10.0m, it’s difficult to justify his price if he can’t produce regular returns and after blanking against Brighton, where he was playing a little deeper than most would have liked, 65,000 managers have already had enough.



Rather surprisingly, top of the list for transfers in this week, is Granit Xhaka with a whopping 270,000 managers drafting him in after his impressive 10 point haul against Leicester, causing him to rise in price by 0.1.

I say surprisingly, because when Ramsey returns to the squad, Xhaka will drop deeper into the role that Elneny took up, operating as the extra shield for the defence, allowing Ramsey to bomb forward – a bandwagon that won’t last very long, even with him being on corners.

Next on the list, is Egyptian centre back Hegazi, who bagged the top scoring points return of the week with a whopping 15 points. He’s been transferred in by over 200,000 managers this week.

A good replacement for the injured McAuley, as he’s 0.4m cheaper than the favourable option in Dawson and with the fixtures coming up, as well Tony going back to his typical, ‘get a goal from a set-piece and kill the game’ tactic, he looks great value at that price and a shrewd move for those who either already had him, or got him in before his 0.1 price rise.

My differential pick for GW1 on the ‘Team Connect Picks‘ series, heads up the 3rd most popular transfer in this week – Jamie Vardy.

As I predicted, it was the perfect game for the pacy forward with the Arsenal defence depleted with the Koscielny suspension and Mustafi still not being fit.

He went on to score 13pts from a brace and maximum bonus and that performance, convinced 162,000 managers to attain his services, causing him to rise in price ahead of a lovely home fixture against Brighton.

Another Egyptian appears on the transfers in list this week after a solid return of 11 points at the weekend.

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Mohamed Salah actually looked very poor first half and didn’t look amazing in the second half either, despite scoring and getting the assist for the penalty that Firmino converted.

He fluffed a few chances and was lucky to get his goal. Then there’s the fact that he’s played mid week too, but for roughly 145,000 unphased managers, it didn’t matter and he’s being drafted in at pace ahead of what looks like a favourable fixture on paper – perhaps people are forgetting that Palace have won the last 3 times they have played at Anfield, with Liverpool only managing the 1 goal in each of those 3 matches.

Last but certainly not least, is the big Belgian brute, Romelu Lukaku, who kicked off his United career with a bang, bagging a brace and maximum bonus in front of the Old Trafford faithful.

It certainly seems that most of the Kane transfers out, will be to make way for the United main man, who has around 140,000 transfers in this week.

There’s no getting round it, United were mightily impressive and Lukaku looks central to the attack and with the favourable upcoming fixtures, he seems to be nailed down in most of our squads and could well be on his way to becoming our go-to captain.

He’s proven he can do it at home, but will it be the same away?

This weekend will give us that information and if the answer to that question ends up being a yes, then his price will really soar and it could perhaps be far too detrimental to go without the big man.

Recommendations and Advice

To those that haven’t made their moves yet, my advice on the big hitters that blanked such as Kane, KDB and Jesus is to have some patience.

All these players could easily have returned decent points, it was just one of those weekends. If they weren’t getting any chances at all then I’d be worried and would perhaps be forced to move a little quicker, but for now, give them a chance, the goals will come.

Of those 3 however, Kevin de Bruyne is the one that worries me the most.

He played too deep for my liking in that game, but I’m going to give him the game against Everton to convince me that he has what it takes to justify that huge £10.0m price tag. If he blanks again and plays deep, then I just can’t justify him at that lofty price and he will be sent packing.

If you don’t own Lukaku like myself, observe this weekend.

Lukaku is playing another lower team but this time is away from home and Kane, is at Wembley. This information will be vital going forward, if Kane blanks again and Lukaku scores again with United playing fluid attacking football, then Lukaku has to come in.

Ramsey and Mkhitaryan seem the best replacements for the injured Zaha to me, if you don’t want to take a hit, then go with Ramsey. He’ll be back in the starting 11 alongside Xhaka and don’t let the fixtures fool you.

Stoke aren’t exactly the Stoke of old and were on the wrong end of a fair few hammerings at the bet365 Stadium last year and Liverpool, who are up next after Stoke for Arsenal, look shaky defensively – there’s goals for Arsenal in these games and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ramsey get on the scoresheet again in one, if not both, of these matches.

I would advise against bringing Xhaka in if you are considering it, as I said previously, he will drop deeper when Ramsey returns and has a terrible temper resulting in a very poor disciplinary record – not worth it in my opinion.




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