Team FPL Connect Picks: Gameweek 7

Fantasy Premier League tips from the team at FPL Connect ensuring you have those key performing players as well as a few cheeky differentials to get the jump on your rivals from gameweek to gameweek

Hello and welcome FPL managers. The sixth instalment of our weekly H2H series is here!

If you’re just reading this series for the first time and have absolutely zero idea what this article is about, hit the link > where the concept is introduced and explained fully.

Results for Gameweek 6

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 16.55.04

This years first big haul goes to Pilko, who fantastically predicted that Sané would not only start, but would score exactly 16 points – which he did after scoring 1, assisting twice and picking up 3 bonus as well as a yellow card – netting Pilko 3 points for correctly predicting one of his estimated returns.

Had he not got his yellow card, he would have scored 17pts, which would of given Pilko 2pts for predicting one of the top scoring players that week, so either way, he would have scored well this week.

Not only that, but he correctly predicted a differential in Richarlison, who scored the winner against Swansea in Watford’s 2-1 win at the weekend and 7 FPL points meaning that Pilko picked up another point in the ‘Connects picks’ scoring system giving him a grand total of 4pts this week!

Elsewhere in Team Connect, 4 blanks in a row for me after my differential in Sánchez, picked up a yellow card to knock him down to 5 instead of 6, which would have given me a cheeky point.

My predicted TSP (KDB), didn’t even manage an assist in City’s 5-0 thrashing of Palace, meaning he only managed a 3pt return.

For Gaz, it was, rather unluckily, back to blanks as his differential (Mendy) was withdrawn early due to an injury – had he stayed on the pitch, he would have picked up 6pts for a clean sheet without a yellow card and given Gaz a point for correctly predicting a differential.

His TSP, Agüero, performed well and netted a goal and an assist, as well as 2 bonus points, totalling 11 points – good, but not quite good enough.

Scores on the doors after 6 GWs:

  1. Pilko – 6pts
  2. Simon – 2pts
  3. Gaz – 1pt


Gameweek 7 picks


  • Top scoring player (TSP): Kane – 16pts
  • Differential: Sánchez – 10pts
Embed from Getty Images


Justification for TSP: For the first time ever this season, I’m shooting with Harry Kane for my TSP shout this week. The man has really got himself firing now with 9 goals in his last 5 matches! He’s a sheer force of nature at the moment and I just can’t see anything stopping him. Spurs seem to be playing the way they played at home last season, away from home this season, trampling all over the teams they’re facing – had the idiot Aurier not got himself sent off, it probably would have ended up being 4/5-1, rather than the more nervy looking 3-2 scoreline in the end. Huddersfield have had a good start and haven’t conceded many goals, but they haven’t faced a top side yet, and they’ll be in for a surprise when Alli, Eriksen and Kane turn up to play. Comfortable 3/4-1 Spurs win with Kane scoring a brace and bagging an assist with maximum bonus.

Justification for differential: I went with him last week and fell shy by just a point and seeing as he’s still owned by less than 5% of the game, I’ve got to shoot with him again this week. Arsenal face Brighton on Sunday at the Emirates and are looking good again. This is a great fixture for Sánchez and I’ll be extremely surprised if he doesn’t score well. He looked sharp against WBA and whilst he didn’t have any big chances, he had plenty of efforts from free-kicks that went close, including the one that struck the bar to assist Lacazette for the opener. I think Arsenal will this comfortably 2/3-0 and I can see a return to the scoresheet for Alexis with a couple of bonus points.



  • Top scoring player (TSP): Mkhitaryan – 17pts
  • Differential: Mahrez – 9pts


Justification for TSP: I was last to pick this week, so I missed out on this week’s best captain options in Kane and Lukaku, so I’ve gone for the Armenian magician Mkhitaryan. United were on fire last night in Moscow and Mkhitaryan was running the show before his withdrawal on the hour mark, winning the penalty that Martial cooly slotted away and acting quickest to pounce on the rebound from Martial’s shot to slot home a goal for himself. With him coming off half an hour before the end, he should be fresh for this weekend’s visit of Palace and I fancy him to run the show again and provide a couple of assists, as well as getting on the scoresheet with maximum bonus. I can’t see Palace scoring either, so a clean sheet bonus for him too.

Justification for differential: Purely a pick based on my estimation that there will be goals galore in this fixture. Bournemouth still don’t know how to defend and although they held Everton out for the best part of that match, they still ended up conceding 2 goals. I think Leicester can score a couple here and I think Mahrez, who’s been decent so far this season, will get his first goal of the Premier League season and get in the bonus points too.


  • Top scoring player (TSP): Lukaku – 17pts
  • Differential: Defoe – 11pts
Embed from Getty Images


Justification for TSP: Has to be the big Belgian’s week surely? He didn’t manage to round off his poacher’s performance last night with a hat-trick, but with Palace up next, I think he’ll make amends and grab it in this game. United and Lukaku are on fire and I simply can’t see anything other than a high scoring win for the Red Devils this weekend. Lukaku’s brace last night means he’s now scored 10 goals in 9 appearances for United this season. They might of had a long trip to Russia, but lets face it, they didn’t exactly need to expand too much energy in that game against CSKA – they rolled them over in 3rd gear. Despite Lukaku’s 90mins, I think because of the nature of the game last night, he’ll be fresh on the weekend, ready to dismantle a wounded Palace.

Justification for differential: A game that looks like it has goals on paper. Bournemouth saw an improved performance away at Everton in their last game and had Defoe scored his chance a few minutes after King made it 1-0, they might have come away with 3pts rather than 0. Defoe hasn’t made the kind of start that got him the label of a Premier League goalscoring legend, but with a Leicester side up next that aren’t exactly well-known for their defensive stability so far this season themselves, I think this is the week he gets his first double-digit haul of the year, with a goal and an assist, as well as 2 bonus points.





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