Team FPL Connect Picks: Gameweek 13

Fantasy Premier League tips from the team at FPL Connect ensuring you have those key performing players as well as a few cheeky differentials to get the jump on your rivals from gameweek to gameweek

Hello and welcome to all the FPL managers around the world. The latest instalment of our ‘Team FPL Connect Picks’ is here!

If you’re just reading this series for the first time and have absolutely zero idea what this article is about, hit the link > where the concept is introduced and explained fully.

Before we begin this week’s instalment, we have to quickly inform you all of a slight change in the scoring system; normally if your differential scores 6pts+, you get a point on Connects Points leaderboard, but I had a chat with the fellas about this arguing that this misses those players who just grab an assist (invariably ending in 5pts), who should really be rewarded as it’s a decent return for a differential.

So, from GW13 onwards, if our differential scores 5pts+, we’ll get a point added to our tally.

Now you’re all caught up, we’ll move on!

Results for Gameweek 12

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 13.12.34

Parity was resumed at Team Connect last gameweek, with only 1 point scored between the 3 of us, opposed to the brilliant effort the gameweek previous where we hit a collective 10 points.

It was just Pilko who managed to grab any points this time around and was painfully close to grabbing 3pts for a correct predicted points return, after guessing that Alonso would grab 15pts in his top scoring player prediction, to which the Spaniard ended up on 14pts – unlucky son.

He did however, correctly produce a successful differential player in Zaha who scored in his game, notching 7pts in the process, so Pilko hit the 1pt for that.

For me personally, had we come up with that change in the scoring system a week sooner, I’d of gotten a point too for my differential of Andre Gray who, quite fortunately it must be said, managed to bag an assist after shanking his shot into the path of Hughes who expertly finished – as it was then though, no point for me on that front.

I chose to back the player I captained in Leroy Sané for the top scoring player of the week, who successfully outperformed Kane with his assist, clean sheet and bonus point, but it ended up being only half of what I guessed he would achieve, so a fair bit off the mark there.

Gaz has upped his game in the last 4 GWs, scoring 6pts over this time, but couldn’t manage to get any points this week, with his rather ambitious shout in Daniels doing relatively well who scored 8pts for his owners but failing to hit the dizzy heights Gaz was predicting and Murray, his differential, disappointing with a blank and a yellow card in what was an open and entertaining Monday night game between Brighton and Stoke.

Here’s how things are looking with Pilko’s solitary point added in;

  1. Simon – 12pts
  2. Pilko – 9pts
  3. Gaz – 7pts

Gameweek 13 Picks


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Sané – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Son Heung-Min – 13pts
Embed from Getty Images


Justification for TSP: He didn’t perform as well as I was hoping he would last GW, but nevertheless, Sané still got me some returns, which is more than I can say for a certain Spurs forward that I was going to captain had it not been Sané, so by that token, a certain early trust has been developed. For me, the captain’s armband is going to the young German talent again and with that, my shout for this week’s top scoring player. As I argue in this week’s edition of the ‘Captain Article‘, Sané was given the night off in their UCL tie, all but ensuring his inclusion in the starting 11 for the weekend against a beleaguered Huddersfield side and if Bournemouth can score 4 against them after being reduced to 10 men for the whole second half (a half they scored 2 of their 4 goals in), then just think what City can do to them. City look set to tear the Terriers apart and if they do, I think Sané will be heavily featured in the attacking returns, as he has been so often already this season, with a goal, 2 assists and of course, 3 bonus with it.

Justification for differential: I do think this is the week Spurs win a Wembley tie against a ‘lesser side’ comfortably and as such, I am worried about Kane, but at the same time, I’m just far more confident in City ripping Huddersfield to shreds than I am Spurs ripping manager-less WBA apart. In order for Spurs to break these teams that sit deep down, I think they need Son. His finishing ability is absolutely second to none and has the agility to create the half yard for shots around the box, which he invariably finishes, as he did against Palace and against Dortmund last night. So I think Spurs will win this comfortably, but I’m predicting that Son will start for Spurs in a 4231 line-up which will see him steal the limelight from Kane, with a goal and an assist.


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Kane – 17pts
  • Predicted differential; Mahrez – 12pts
Embed from Getty Images


Justification for TSP: I’m very surprised that I’m able to choose Kane this week, with Simon and Pilko both picking before me, but there you go, Kane was unpicked and I get to pick the big man who’s on the verge of going crazy I believe. I, like so many, have lost a certain amount of faith in Kane, but with manager-less WBA up next for Spurs and top spot bagged in the UCL group stage, all their focus now turns to the Premier League. Not only that, but seeing this from the ever informative FPL Guidance certainly made me jump up in my seat!

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 14.44.02

I’d be too scared to not give it Kane this week after seeing WBA’s stinker of a performance the previous gameweek. Yes Pulis has gone, but no manager has come in yet, so whatever frailties were there before, are still there now and Spurs should exploit that. I think it’s Kane’s time to kick on and I’m backing it to be in spectacular fashion with his first hat-trick of the season.

Justification for differential: I was also surprised to see that Mahrez is only 4.5% owned, even after his impressive recent form that has seen him score 2 goals and bag 3 assists in the last 5 gameweeks. He blanked last time out, but it was against the best team in the Premier League right now and arguably Europe, in Pep’s free-scoring City. He had precious few moments to have a go at the City backline, as they managed to keep 75% of the possession in the game, but when he did, he nearly forced Kompany to put an own goal in past his keeper with a nice piece of skill that saw him hit the byline and whip a wicked low cross in. So he’s still looking dangerous when he gets the opportunity and this gameweek’s fixture should see him get plenty of opportunity to go at the backline, in the form of West Ham. Only Everton (16) have conceded more big chances over the last 4 gameweeks than West Ham, who have conceded 12 themselves and they are the worst team over the last 4 gameweeks for conceding shots inside the box. So given all that, I think Mahrez will bag a goal, an assist and 2 bonus points, no clean sheet though.


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Eriksen – 17pts
  • Predicted differential; Martial – 13pts
Embed from Getty Images


Justification for TSP: Currently sat at around a net -80k transfers out! This is probably a surprising shout to most, but I think there’s a big score on the horizon for the Great Dane. Over the international break, he showed the whole world what he can do and what better chance to show it again, than against an awful and manager-less West Brom team. Many have said how the Pulis sacking may potentially be bad news for Spurs, as teams normally experience a morale boost from it and an upturn in fortune, but I feel the West Brom players really played for Tony and bought into his philosophy – I believe they will be disappointed with his sacking. I expect the quality of Ez to be too much for a dejected Baggies team, in a game where I can see Spurs finally getting that, ‘not beating the weaker sides comfortably at Wembley’ monkey off their back. I’m envisaging a goal, 2 assists and max bonus, oh and a clean sheet to boot.

Justification for differential: Man United look to be back to the goalscoring powers they displayed at the start of the season. Martial has hit some form of late with a gorgeous assist for Lacazette in Germany and of course bagging the first goal last week against Newcastle. Brighton have been very good so far this season and have been solid defensively away from home, only conceding 7 big chances, but the 2 goals they conceded on Monday demonstrate that they are still vulnerable at the back. Not only that, but only Manchester City have created more big chances at home than Man United, who have created 21 big chances. With Pogback now, they shouldn’t have any problem carving the chances out and if they do, I can see Tony getting a goal, an assist, a clean sheet and a couple of bonus points.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 19.20.16


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