FPL Captain Choices: Gameweek 17

We explore the best options for the Fantasy Premier League captain for GW17 and reveal the results of our captain poll, who will you choose this gameweek?

Harry Kane is back!

For a lot of us, this was his last chance to show us that we can trust him to do the business, and he duly delivered.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t give him the armband, such has been my loss in faith in Spurs and their big man, giving Hazard an early opportunity, having brought him in for this week, with the captaincy – he failed me.

Salah was the one I had it on, before seeing the news about him holding his back speaking to the medical team in training – it was enough to put me off giving him the armband and he went on to continue his incredible run with another goal and 3 bonus!

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 10.06.19

Hazard and Morata both failed to return anything in what was a Moyes master-class at the London Stadium and Agüero didn’t feature against United.

With Kane restoring faith and Salah continuing his incredible output, I don’t think there will be many looking elsewhere for the armband this week, let’s find out.

Results of the poll

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 13.23.23

Harry Kane – 66% of the votes

Kane restored the faith for a lot of managers by adding another 2 goals to his tally, making it 12 in 15 in the Premier League.

When you look at that and the fact that he’s the second highest scoring player in the game, it makes you think what we were all crying about.

In the last game he had 11 penalty area touches, 7 shots (5 inside the box), 3 big chances and scored 2 of them.

His performances have never been in doubt, the underlying stats have always been there, as we said last week in our captain article, it was more about the team as a unit.

They weren’t creating those clear-cut chances for him and he was having to create his own chances, in the main.

Now that the UCL is out of the way, they can focus 100% on the Premier League, and it showed against Stoke as they blew them away 5-1 – we’ve only had to wait 16 GWs for it to finally happen, no rush fellas.

They face a usually well-drilled Brighton team next at Wembley, a team that are the joint 3rd best for conceding the least amount of big chances away from home (11). 

Having said that, they’ve looked a little shaky recently, conceding 5 to Liverpool and 2 in their last game to Huddersfield.

I think we’ll see a new Spurs over Christmas and they’ll start to kick on and as such, I can see the game on Wednesday going a similar route to the Stoke game with Spurs winning it comfortably by a handsome margin.

Consistency has been the problem with Kane this year, can we finally trust him and Spurs to follow it up with another impressive performance all round?

Mohamed Salah – 25% of the votes

Embed from Getty Images


He’s done it YET again.

He’s now returned in 12 of his 16 games and his goal against Everton made it 8 returns in his last 8 games, amassing an incredible 78pts in that time.

He’s simply unstoppable and it surprises me that he seconds to Kane by such a large margin given that he was withdrawn early (67th minute) against Everton and the fact that he basically plays up front and gets an extra point for scoring, as well as clean sheet bonus, over Kane.

Take the last GW for example; Kane scored 2 with 2 bonus and got 12pts, Salah only had to score 1 goal and managed 11pts – food for thought.

Rotating the armband between these two seems to be the way to go this year, with Salah being so consistently good and Kane being so explosive when he does return.

Salah et al. are up against WBA next at Anfield.

WBA are one of those joint teams in 3rd place for conceding the least big chances away from home with 11.

So this is unlikely to be a picnic for Liverpool, but likely to be one of those games where, if Liverpool get that first goal in the first 30 minutes, it could be floodgates, if they don’t, it could get frustrating.

Saying that, I’m not sure, under Pardew, that WBA have the same defensive stubbornness as they did under Pulis at times and as such, I think this will be comfortable for Liverpool.

Salah is a man on a mission and is disappearing over the horizon with his points total, leaving the likes of Harry Kane holding his d**k in his hands.

It’s the Salah show right now and it would take a brave man betting against another return from Salah this gameweek.

Differential captain options

  1. Hazard – He let me down last GW, but in all fairness, having watched the game live, I put it down to the team’s performance being poor and West Ham actually being good for once. They really shut Chelsea down and stopped them playing – a shock for most of us, if not all. Having said that, Hazard still looked sharp and came close late in the second half. The rest of Chelsea’s key players weren’t at it in that game and it had a real detrimental effect on Hazard, but I expect them to bounce back when they go to Huddersfield. The Terriers have been impressive at home, but I think we’ll see a reaction from Chelsea and if they have their key players performing, Huddersfield won’t be able to stop them. I expect Hazard to return to the points in this one – a good differential option this week.
  2. Agüero – Another cracking differential option this week, is Sergio Agüero. He didn’t feature at all in the derby, to the surprise of many, but it worked a treat as City dominated possession and Jesus’ energy and high pressing meant United struggled to play out from the back, resorting to lumping it forward for City to recycle possession, coming straight back at them again and again. City, like Salah in FPL, are disappearing over the horizon and they duly celebrated the win like they had won the league, probably because they have. 11pts clear now and brimming with confidence, along with a fully fit and rested Agüero, is going to mean serious trouble for Swansea, and although they managed to win last time out, I can’t see City having any problems in this one. Comfortable win could see Agüero post a big haul.
  3. Lukaku (5% of the votes) – 1 goal in his last 9 games in all competitions and already shipped out by 50k managers this week – it’s fair to say falling from grace is an understatement. The Belgian clearly seems to be lacking confidence. This was evidenced in the absolute sitter he missed in the 85th minute of the Derby, where Martial laid it perfectly across the box only for Lukaku to smash his shot right at Ederson’s face. It was a shocking miss, there’s no sugar-coating it. If he scored that, then things could have been very different, but he didn’t and it likely means the title race is over and his ownership will continue to drop like a lead balloon. However, United play Bournemouth at Old Trafford this week who, as we know, aren’t the most solid defensively and it could be the perfect game for Lukaku to get back to the goals. If he keeps getting the kind of chances like he did in the derby, he will score eventually and he is historically a flat-track bully. He also scored 4 goals against Bournemouth last season at home for Everton. Your captain should really be Kane/Salah this week, but if you don’t like going with the crowd and fancy something different, Lukaku could be your man this GW, as he loves dominating the ‘weaker’ teams at home and he’ll be captained by a very low % of live managers.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.29.17








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