Team FPL Connect Picks: Gameweek 19

Fantasy Premier League tips from the team at FPL Connect ensuring you have those key performing players as well as a few cheeky differentials to get the jump on your rivals from gameweek to gameweek

Hello and welcome to all the FPL managers around the world. The latest instalment of our ‘Team FPL Connect Picks’ is here!

If you’re just reading this series for the first time and have absolutely zero idea what this article is about, hit the updated link > where the concept is introduced and explained fully.

Gameweek 18 results

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 14.36.09


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Sánchez – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Özil – 7pts


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Mané – 15pts
  • Predicted differential; Sigurdsson – 9pts


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Hazard – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Kenny – 10pts


Gaz was the star of the show last week with a well predicted 9 points for Gylfi Sigurdsson who duly delivered those 9 points with a goal and 2 bonus.

That gives Gaz 3 points for correctly predicting the score and 1 point for his differential scoring 5 or more points, giving him 4 for the week!

I kept up my form with another differential scoring 5 or more points in Mesut Özil, who scored and bagged all 3 bonus points in Arsenal’s 1-0 win against Newcastle, giving me a point for the week.

Pilko misses his mark with Hazard and his ambitious shout of Kenny, who, had they not conceded, might of got close to his 10 point prediction having bagged an assist.

Gaz’s big week means he’s right back in it and breathing down my neck with just a point between the two of us. Pilko replaces Gaz at the foot of the Connect Leaderboard.

Onto next week!

Gameweek 19 picks


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Sterling – 15pts
  • Predicted differential; Lingard – 8pts


Justification for TSP: My justification for this is the same as the undeniable stats and research I put forward in Sterling’s section of the captaincy article > Captain Choices: Gameweek 19.

Justification for differential: I went for Lionel Jesse for the match against Bournemouth the week before last – of course he did nothing and then scored the week after! So I’m going back to him because I think he could be a decent long-term differential with Mkhitaryan being so out of favour. Leicester surprised us all last weekend losing 3-0 to Palace and United will need to bounce back massively after a very poor performance and shock exit out of the League Cup to Bristol City. With Pogba back in the team, I think United will click back into gear and we’ll see an improved performance against Leicester and I can see Lingard getting another goal with his runs in behind the defence. He’s started his last 5 PL games and is in-form and could be the answer if you’re wavering on Richarlison.


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); KDB – 17pts
  • Predicted differential; Austin – 8pts


Justification for TSP: KDB has only blanked 7 times out of 18 games this season and has returned 6 times in his last 8 games, scoring 5 and assisting twice in that time. If Silva is out of this one, then I can see Gundogan coming in and taking KDB’s deeper playmaking role, as the naturally more defensively minded player of the two and KDB taking Silva’s role as the more advanced playmaker that gets into the box more. If that happens, I can see KDB tearing it up in this one and scoring again, bagging 2 assists, a clean sheet and maximum bonus. Even if Silva is back, I can still see KDB doing well but from what has been reported about Silva, it doesn’t sound great, so I’m guessing he’s out.

Justification for differential: In his last 4 starts, Austin has 4 goals. It’s simple, you start him and he’ll do the business for you. In the last 6 gameweeks, Austin is the joint 4th highest forward for goal attempts and is ranked 2nd on the forward list for big chances received (6), with Lacazette and Rooney being joint first on 7Also in that time, Huddersfield have conceded (13) the second most amount of goals to Stoke (15) and are second for big chances conceded (15) to Stoke (20). Everything points to Austin having a good day here and if Pellegrino has any common sense, he’ll start him and if he does, I expect Austin to score again.


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Lukaku – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Sigurdsson – 9pts


Justification for TSP: For all the woes about Lukaku, he’s only actually blanked in 6 of his 18 PL games and has played 90 minutes every single time. There’s no doubt that the value lies in midfield, but Lukaku is only 3pts off the top scoring forward in Kane and continues to plod along nicely. I’ve just got a gut feeling this week that he’s going to explode and hit a big haul here and so I’m going with him instead of being boring and obvious and going with a City player like the other two wallies. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned playing this game, it’s that the obvious never works for the TSP pick (just look at the list of players that have hit the TSP each week so far, Aaron Mooy last week being a prime example) and so with that roundabout logic, I’m going with someone no-one is expecting to hit big in big Rom. Pogba’s back, United need to bounce back after their embarrassing exit to Bristol City and Leicester displayed concerning vulnerability in their last PL game against Palace.

Justification for differential: It’s my turn to have the in-form Icelandic playmaker. Chelsea haven’t been the most solid of teams and Everton are a team that are turning it right around and have good form with 4 wins and 1 draw in their last 5 games. I’m fully expecting Everton to cause Chelsea some problems in this game and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Siggy get on the scoresheet again in this one. I’m gonna copy Gaz’s last week and go with back to back 9 pointers! Dirty tactics but I fancy it.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.29.17






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