Team FPL Connect Picks: Gameweek 21

Fantasy Premier League tips from the team at FPL Connect ensuring you have those key performing players as well as a few cheeky differentials to get the jump on your rivals from gameweek to gameweek

Hello and welcome to all the FPL managers around the world. The latest instalment of our ‘Team FPL Connect Picks’ series is back, following a little break over Christmas!

If you’re just reading this series for the first time and have absolutely zero idea what this article is about, hit the updated link > where the concept is introduced and explained fully.

Gaz – (4 time top 100k finisher, last season finishing 35k).

Pilko – (3 time top 10k finisher, last season finishing 125k).

Simon – (3 time top 200k finisher, last season finishing 11k).

Gameweek 19 results

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 16.38.04


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Sterling – 15pts
  • Predicted differential; Lingard – 8pts


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); KDB – 17pts
  • Predicted differential; Austin – 8pts


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Lukaku – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Sigurdsson – 9pts

Gaz nails it again!

Two correct score predictions back to back for his differential picks, with it being Austin this time after he scored 1 and bagged 2 bonus points giving Gaz 3pts for correctly predicting the score and for predicting a differential scoring 5 or more points.

I had a decent week too, with me having both my picks scoring above their required thresholds (5 or more for the differential pick and 10 or more for the TSP pick) to score 1pt for each of them, giving me a combined 2pts for the week.

More disappointment for Pilko however, as both of his picks blanked, meaning that Pilko hasn’t scored a single point in the last 3 gameweeks – maybe the increasing demands of his missus over the festive period was something to do with it?

With those points all totted up, that means we have a new leader in Gaz, who overtakes me, ending my 8 gameweek reign at the summit of the Team Connect leaderboard!

Moving onto next week!

Gameweek 21 picks


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Eden Hazard – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Mesut Özil – 9pts


Justification for TSP: Certainly more about the fixture than the actual player for me this week. Hazard really hasn’t been the best recently from an FPL perspective, yet he’s still getting standing ovations from the Chelsea faithful and if you physically watch the games live, it’s not difficult to see why. Despite not registering attacking returns, he’s playing so well. It’s this and the fact that Stoke are awful defensively that I’m going with Eden this week. Not only that, but they’re without Zouma, Martins Indi, Johnson and Pieters for the game, with Shawcross also a doubt. They’ve already battered Stoke once this year and with those defensive frailties, I think they could easily do it again and I expect Hazard to be a central figure to this and to actually get those attacking returns.

Justification for differential: After 3 blanks in 3 consecutive gameweeks prior, the German playmaker got back amongst the goals in the last two gameweeks, with 2 in 2. Arsenal are up against a poor WBA side and should have the quality to break them down. If they do, I expect Özil to be a key part of that and I can see him notching an assist and creating plenty of other chances for his teammates, giving him 3 bonus on top of his assist and clean sheet.


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week);  Coutinho – 15pts
  • Predicted differential; Juan Mata – 8pts
Embed from Getty Images


Justification for TSP: This man is the heartbeat of Liverpool’s team. When we talk about Pogba’s influence for Man United and de Bruyne’s importance to City in terms of making a team tick, Coutinho is on that same level of importance/influence to Liverpool. He can do almost anything and is in fine form – he’s only being beaten by Salah (3.34) and Sterling (3.25) for xGI (expected goal involvement) in the midfielder category with a value of 3.24. 3 goals and 2 assists in the last 3 puts him bang in form and with Liverpool scoring for fun at the moment, there’s no reason they and he can’t continue in the same vein. I expect Liverpool to score 3 in this one and Coutinho to hit a brace.

Justification for differential: Mata has been finding form recently, it’s taken a while, but it’s finally coming along. With Lingard smashing it currently, not many will look to Mata, but with 2 goals and 2 assists in his last 4 games, as well as 3 of those 4 games being games in which he’s finished, he’s worthy of some consideration. I like him for this one with Saints getting battered by Spurs. VVD has been announced as a new signing of Liverpool’s and is out of their squad, without him they’re looking very unorganised at the back and I don’t rate Pellegrino’s tactics with Saints. They’re out of form and United need to bounce back. I can see United winning comfortably and Mata being on the scoresheet in this one.


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Morata  – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Robertson – 7pts
Embed from Getty Images


Justification for TSP: I wanted Hazard but because of my barren spell, I was unable to choose first, so I’m gonna go with Morata instead such is the confidence I have in Chelsea tearing Stoke apart for the second time. They conceded 4 goals last time out and it was Morata who netted 3 of them. With all the defenders Stoke have out for this game, I can’t see past Chelsea giving them a hammering and if they do, Morata should be amongst the returns as he was last time.

Justification for differential: I’m going for something extra different for my differential this week with Andy Robertson. I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from the Scots full back in the absence of Moreno. Moreno is still out for a while so Robertson could see a few more games at left back and I expect him to get the nod again against Leicester. In contrary to what many are thinking, I’m expecting Liverpool to keep a clean sheet in this one and for Robertson to bag a cheeky bonus point down to him creating some chances via crosses. He’s been a renegade at full back and bombs forward very well and often. He could even grab an assist such is the frequency of his ventures forward.




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