Team FPL Connect Picks: Gameweek 28

Fantasy Premier League tips from the team at FPL Connect ensuring you have those key performing players as well as a few cheeky differentials to get the jump on your rivals from gameweek to gameweek

If you’re just reading this series for the first time and have absolutely zero idea what this article is about, hit the updated link > where the concept is introduced and explained fully.

Gaz – (4 time top 100k finisher, last season finishing 35k).

Pilko – (3 time top 10k finisher, last season finishing 125k).

Simon – (3 time top 200k finisher, last season finishing 11k)

Gameweek 27 results

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 09.13.10


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Mawson – 15pts
  • Predicted differential; Alexis Sánchez – 9pts


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week);  Harry Kane – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Jordan Ibe – 5pts


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Mohamed Salah – 15pts
  • Predicted differential; Gerard Duelofeu – 9pts

Pilko, for the second week running, narrowly wins the week with his TSP pick in Salah delivering a 10+ point haul after his goal, assist, clean sheet and 2 bonus points, giving Pilko the only point scored by any of us.

I was rather unlucky with my TSP pick having called Swansea getting the clean sheet, it just needed that Mawson goal from a set-piece and I would have nailed it.

My differential shout again was unlucky, down to Sánchez actually rounding the keeper and then instead of tapping it into the empty net, he decides to take a little longer to steady himself before taking the shot, allowing the defender to get across to block it on the line – had he scored that, it could have been very close to my 9 point prediction!

But, Mawson didn’t score and neither did Sánchez, meaning I got a fat 0 for the second week running.

Gaz, like myself, has also hit 2 big 0’s the last 2 weeks after Kane only managed to score the one against Arsenal and Ibe not returning in his game against Huddersfield.

But onto another week we go and with Pilko slowly catching and Gaz out in the clear, I need to up my game!

Gameweek 28 picks


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Christian Eriksen – 16pts
  • Predicted differential; Gerard Deulofeu – 12pts
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Justification for TSP:

I’ve a strong feeling that Spurs are gonna turn up and destroy Palace on Sunday.

Palace have conceded the second most amount of goals (9) in the last 4 Premier League games of any team and with the confidence flowing after some huge results against big sides in recent times for Spurs, I just can’t see Palace keeping the scoring down.

In the last 5 gameweeks, Spurs are top of the pile for big chances created with 20, 6 more than the second highest team in Arsenal and Liverpool.

Eriksen is currently averaging 5.3pts a game, which isn’t amazing, but it is solid.

He’s had 16 goal attempts (6 inside the box) and has created 20 chances for his teammates in the last 6 gameweeks, which makes me think he’s due a big haul and I can see it coming this weekend against Hodgson’s Palace.

Justification for differential:

I think Pilko was one week too soon with his differential pick of Deulofeu last week.

This week, he faces his former team in Everton at home and I can see this being a high scoring affair.

No team has conceded more goals (12) or more big chances (18) than Everton in the last 5 gameweeks.

In his first 3 games, he’s had 6 total shots, 3 inside the box, scored 1 goal and provided 1 assist, which isn’t bad at all considering they’ve only scored 4 goals in that time.

This is the perfect game for Duelofeu to show his former team what they missed out on and I can see him netting another goal and assist haul like he did against Chelsea.


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Riyad Mahrez – 15pts
  • Predicted differential; Christian Benteke – 6pts
Embed from Getty Images


Justification for TSP:

Mahrez is back in the action again, back in training and looking happy.

He got his head down and played some amazing stuff after he didn’t get his transfer in the summer and following him not getting his move in January, I can see the same thing happening again.

If he wants this move, he needs to show the other clubs what he’s all about and not only does that mean performing on the pitch, but it’s also showing the other clubs that he’s a professional and that he can still do his job to a high standard when things aren’t going his way.

Stoke have been pretty uninspiring under Lambert so far, not scoring many but not conceding too many either, whereas Leicester have done well under Puel, although the last few results have not been good enough.

Now that the Mahrez saga is over, they can concentrate on their football again and Mahrez will need to show the Leicester fans and the football world, that he can still do his job well when he’s not getting what he wants, and what better way to do that than scoring a brace?

Justification for differential: 

Someone who’s been ticking along nicely recently, is Christian Benteke.

Of course, at a price of £7.6m he’s going to need to add a few more goals to his 5 assists in the last 6 games.

Nevertheless, he’s showing form and Palace as a team have actually been attacking well recently despite not scoring too many goals.

In the last 5 gameweeks, they actually rank 4th highest, joint with Manchester City, for the amount of big chances created (11).

In that same time, Benteke has had the joint 2nd highest amount of penalty area touches (37) of any player and has had 8 big chances and 15 shots inside the box.

If anyone is due a goal, it’s Benteke and Spurs haven’t exactly been completely solid at the back recently, conceding 2 to Rochdale in the FA Cup last time out for example.

So, everything is there for him to get some returns and if Palace score against Spurs, then I’m predicting the big Belgian to play a part in it.


  • Predicted TSP (top scoring player of the week); Harry Kane – 17pts
  • Predicted differential; Marc Albrighton – 8pts


Justification for TSP:

I get first pick this week and based on that, I’ve got to go with Harry Kane – I think it might be guy love.

The man is a colossus and scoring goals is what he does.

Nothing and no-one can stop him and Palace haven’t done anything to convince me that they’ll be any different.

As Simon has previously stated, they have conceded 9 goals in their last 4 and Spurs (Rochdale result aside) are flying right now.

Kane is currently averaging roughly 5 shots a game and 4 shots inside the box a game in the last 5 gameweeks.

He’s also had 10 big chances in that time, which means he’s getting 2 big chances a game on average and with that kind of average, can you really back Kane to not take at least 1 of those, or even 2 with the form he’s in?

He hasn’t hit big for a while, with single digit scores in his last 4 PL appearances – this makes me think he’s about to go nuclear and I can smell it coming this weekend.

It might be time to hide behind the sofa if you’re a non-Kane owner.

Justification for differential: 

I’m not impressed at all by Stoke under Lambert.

Leicester should have no problem comfortably dispatching them and Albrighton is the player I’m picking out as my differential to net me some returns.

He hasn’t returned anything in the last 5 gameweeks, but before that, he was returning nicely and I’m backing him to get back to the FPL points this weekend.

In the last 4 gameweeks he’s put in a mammoth 32 crosses, which works out at 8 crosses a game.

He’s also on corners and with big Harry Maguire to aim at, I can see him providing an assist in this game.





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