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I explain how Steve Jobs changed my direction and what we, at FPL Connect, are looking to bring you over the course of the Fantasy Premier League season 

A New Direction

On the day Steve Jobs was sadly taken before his due time, I sought to find more videos of him with the hope of understanding this amazing man a little better.

I ended up stumbling across a video of him addressing the 114th graduating class of Stanford University on YouTube. One specific part of his inspirational speech is the quote I’ve attached as my featured image – this quote changed my mindset entirely and ultimately set me on a completely different path.

I’m not normally one for life-quotes, as I believe you should be who you want to be rather than modelling yourself on the success of others.

In spite of this, it would be his words that would give me the courage needed to try something new, to battle against the notion that a boring well-paying job was the correct path for me – I thank him for that. His words truly touched me then and they still do now.

What to Expect From FPL Connect in the 19/20 Season

This year, I wanted to take a step up in content, as I look to take the next step in the FPL Connect journey.

We’re almost there with our new site and as such, I wanted to get a larger team of writers with good experience in journalism to push our content game up a few levels.

Me and my new team of 15 writers, will be blogging our fingers off around the clock for the community, aiming to bring as much useful information and insight about Fantasy Premier League and football as humanly possible to all that choose to read what we have to offer.

Here’s a little breakdown of what we’re aiming to write about during the course of the pre-season and the season:


  • Full Team Guides – Overview of the team including, expected formation, expected team line-up, set-piece duties and first 10 fixtures. A view on what we think the team can achieve in the season and players you should be considering for your team.
  • Profiling New Transfers – We’ll cover the new transfers of note and provide a full breakdown of the player and analyse his prospects from an FPL perspective to keep you up to date on the transfer activities of the Premier League teams.
  • Friendly Surveillance – Our dedicated team will be staying up late to view any televised friendlies around the world to bring you the latest formations and tactics from the Premier League teams, including some live match reports on some Norwich friendlies.
  • Psychology in FPL – I delved into some of these last year (Understanding what drives the knee-jerk) based on my Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming background and will be looking at this again with the help of another new writer, who’s from a similar background.
  • Player Value – I developed a new ‘Player Value’ metric last season, and have already released it again for this season, to make it more representative of what value actually constitutes in the context of FPL to help aid choices for your team before the start of the season.
  • Fixtures – There will be some articles going out identifying which teams you should focus on getting players from based on their opening fixtures, and which teams you should probably steer clear of based on their opening fixtures.
  • Creative Football Pieces – These will be sporadic journalistic pieces based on football rather than focusing solely on FPL given the quality of some of the new writers in our team.


  • The Pressers – reviewing the key points of the press-conferences from an FPL perspective, including injuries and talk on rotation policy.
  • Captain Metric – reviewing the best options for the armband, including the results of our captain poll on Twitter and our very own ‘Captain Metric’.
  • Live Match Reports – Our new team are dedicated to watching as many live televised games as possible, as we understand that whilst FPL is a healthy obsession, some don’t have the time to watch the games live and whilst Match Of The Day is great for quickly catching up, you can’t see everything in those highlights. Our guys will be watching everything attentively ready to report on any new interesting information, like a player who’s seen to score a great goal in the Match of the Day highlights, but actually, he only got into that attacking position once in the whole game and probably isn’t a great prospect – something you wouldn’t catch watching Match of the Day.
  • Auction House – We’ll be exploring who’s forecast to rise/fall in price, when that’s likely to happen, which assets are a priority target to buy/sell as a result, who’s good/bad value at a new price to help keep you on top of the price changes and to help build the value of your team.
  • Bandwagons – We’re trialling out a new weekly feature that explores the best way to predict when a player is about to hit form and when they’re about to lose it in the hope of helping you stay ahead of the form curve.
  • Psychology in FPL – As stated in the pre-season section, these sporadic pieces will continue throughout the season.
  • Hot Topic – We’ll be picking up on the hot topics within the community and will explore anything of interest on a weekly basis.
  • Creative Football Pieces – And again, as in pre-season, there will be sporadic journalistic pieces on football in general throughout the season.

Our Vision – FPL Connect Ltd

The blog and offering content is just one small part of what we’re ultimately aiming to bring you. The main concept will be a brand new interactive website that we’re looking to launch around 1st September this year.

It will be an open BETA and we invite everyone to get on the site and have a play and give us as much feedback as possible, so that we can create the best possible experience for everyone who loves playing FPL.

The blog will be integrated into the new site so you will still have all our high quality free content, but the main concept centres around customisable FPL mini-leagues.

I’m very excited about the development of this new website. I truly believe it will be a hit and provide the answers to a problem that currently exists in Fantasy Premier League, as well as further enhancing our overall experience of playing the game we have all come to love, but in the mean time, our blog is here to keep you entertained, like the hosting area before you go into a swanky party!

So sit back, relax, and welcome to FPL Connect – I hope that our content provides you with interesting insights and is overall, helpful.

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