No Content for GW21, Happy New Year Wishes and 2019 Plans

Just a quick one to let you guys know that there will be no content for GW21 due to the quick turnaround and the fact it’s New Years eve.

It’s been an amazing year for me personally and I’m extremely excited for 2019, with a new relationship and the plans I have in place for FPL Connect Ltd.

To make it clear for everyone, if it hasn’t been made clear already, we will NOT be charging for the content we will continue to provide when the new site is launched.

The new website will have our content, but it is mainly centred around another concept entirely, still based on FPL of course, but will be interactive and will enhance the way we interact with the game we love, improving it and making it so much more exciting and hopefully more engaging for all manner of players, not just the enthusiasts.

The construction of our new website has begun and a timeline is in place. We will be looking to launch an ALPHA version of the site at the end of February, a BETA at the end of April and then with all the feedback and kinks worked out, we will look to launch the full version ready for the new Premier League season 19/20.

Since the start of all this, back in June 2017, we’ve had roughly 620,000 hits from 320,000 visitors from over 175 different countries. The support has been incredible and I’d just like to say thank you to every one of you who has read and promoted our work – we greatly appreciate it and hope we can continue to help and interest you with our content and in the near future, amaze you with our new website!

Wishing everyone of you around the world a very Happy New Year. All the best for 2019 and the rest of your FPL seasons.

Screenshot 2018-12-31 at 11.46.28.png

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