FPL Bandwagon Predictions: GW1

In this new series, we will analyse the trends and statistics in order to predict who the FPL players most likely to be the next bandwagon will be for GW1 

Bandwagons are a huge part of every single FPL season. These are essentially where a player hits a run of form, or is the go-to transfer in a certain situation – leading to a large onrush of FPL managers signing them up.

Jumping on early can be a key route to both points hauls and building team value.

If you pick up a player before they rise in price multiple times, while continuing to pick up points, you’ll be flying; especially if they’re more of a differential.

With this, we’ll take a look at potential bandwagons that could be picking up steam. This’ll be a recurring series, aiming to pick out possible bandwagons each week.

In terms of what we’ll look at, there are a few factors to take into account when predicting a bandwagon:

  • Underlying stats
  • Upcoming fixtures
  • Availability (Position + price range, i.e. in the case of a well-owned player becoming unavailable)
  • Price

Also, it’s not really a player who’s already highly owned or costs a fortune. While there may be the odd bandwagon for bigger players, these are generally for lesser-known, cheaper players who come in and out of form.

Now, considering that we’re going into GW1, this’ll be less data-driven than the articles we will aim to do in the future (when we have more data), but there’s still plenty to check out.

Harry Kane (£11m)

Embed from Getty Images


Now, having a world class player as a bandwagon option seems a bit odd, but we’ve seen this before. A premium asset gets somewhat neglected as a “meta” choice, only to absolutely explode.

Spurs play Aston Villa at home to kick off the season, a side who won promotion via the playoffs, and have since massively overhauled their side, making more signings than any other Premier League side this summer.

There’s plenty of potential for Kane to go wild, here.

One reason for this would be the fact that this is the first week in which VAR will be used in the Premier League. Now, the actual number of penalties given in other leagues which use VAR didn’t see a dramatic increase, but I think we’ve all seen plenty of dodgy handballs given in the area since the advent of VAR.

Also, looking at the stats for the Championship last season, Villa conceded 15 penalties – the 2nd most of any team. Having a penalty-taker against Villa could prove to be useful this season.

Considering the potential for a bandwagon, it’s worth checking out the recent article in which Simon (Founder of FPL Connect), reveals his team choices as well as team structure, which focuses on having a contingency plan in place for things like this >> https://fplconnect.blog/2019/08/06/my-fpl-and-fanteam-team-reveal-justifications-and-team-structure/

Joshua King (£6.5m)

Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 13.19.57.png

Again, looking into the potential based on fixtures, Josh King represents an interesting choice.

He’s fairly well-owned as things stand, currently boasting an ownership of roughly 20%. That being said, he’s a £6.5m forward – providing people with a solid option at a cheap price.

If the premium forwards don’t immediately do well while King does, and even if he greatly outperforms strike partner Callum Wilson, we could see plenty of managers making a move for him.

Bournemouth play Sheffield United at home, something which should be a plum fixture for the cherries.

King *should* be on penalties for Bournemouth this season, also a potential deciding factor.

Anthony Martial (£7.5m)

Embed from Getty Images


Dipping into the mid-priced bracket again, a riskier punt which could turn out to be a bit of a bandwagon could be Anthony Martial.

Currently sitting at an ownership of under 5%, Martial has two fairly tough fixtures to kick off the season in the form of Chelsea (H) and Wolves (A).

After that, though, comes a solid run of fixtures:

Crystal Palace (H), Southampton (A), Leicester (H), West Ham (A), Arsenal (H), Newcastle (A). 

Considering the lack of a real front-runner in the mid-priced midfield bracket, some initial returns in two tough fixtures before a solid run of fixtures could lead to plenty of people opting for Martial.

He was very hot-and-cold for United last season, with the hottest point being an excellent run of form of 6 goals in 5 games, including a brace against Chelsea.

During pre-season, he’s operated more as the main striker for United, dovetailing with Rashford. Both United and Chelsea are rather unknown entities going into this season, especially the latter, having just brought in Frank Lampard as manager.




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