Notable Price Differences Between FPL and FanTeam

I have scoured the entire price lists of both the FPL player database and FanTeam player database, in order to bring you the notable difference in player prices that will help build your team for FanTeam’s season long €250,000 fantasy tournament.

FanTeam’s €250,000 season-long fantasy tournament 

Once again, if you haven’t heard about this or have but haven’t really considered it as it’s a different format and game, I strongly urge you do, as the format is SO similar to FPL and the prices are more or less the same, but instead of playing for a prize on FPL that you only get if you finish inside the top 3, you have a chance of winning a share of €250,000 where the top 1,250 places get a cash prize – and it’s all guaranteed!

Read here for more details >>

And if you’re thinking; “yeah but what are my chances of winning that? There’s gonna be tens of thousands in that.” well, you’re wrong.

FanTeam have it capped at 12,000, but so far, only 2717 have signed up, and they pay out 1250 places meaning, you only have to finish in the top 46% of players to get a return for your stake. 

The game starts this Friday, so they’re unlikely to even fill up even 1/3 of the max entrants.

This isn’t me being a sales person (and no, I’m not just saying that), this is me being deadly honest and telling you that, if you play FPL, you will genuinely never get another chance like this to win a life changing sum of money playing a game that is almost identical to FPL.

If you want to sign up for it, click this link here >>

Notable Players Who Are Cheaper On FanTeam Than FPL

Nicolas Pepe 

FPL: £9.5m
FanTeam: £9.0m

Embed from Getty Images


The powers that be, over at FPL headquarters, were perhaps a little harsh when pricing Nicolas Pepe, a one-season wonder from the French top flight.

Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 14.56.47

As we can see from the screenshot taken from WhoScored, Pepe had performed fairly well in the season before, with 17 goal contributions in 36 appearances for Lille, which isn’t too bad, before exploding in the 18/19 season.

But overall, there isn’t enough data to suggest that he could be a reliably high performing asset.

When Lacazette and Aubameyang came over to Arsenal, Lacazette came across from the French league with extensive Europa and Champions League experience and off the back of 3 seasons where he had scored 20+ in the league and Aubameyang, came across with one of the best goals per min ratios of any forward in the world, as well as extensive  UCL experience operating in a top team.

Given the above, the fact that 9 of his 22 goals were penalties (yes okay he did win fair few of them himself) and that he’s come across from a weaker league, £9.5m was a little harsh.

FanTeam have acknowledged this and have priced him at what I believe is probably fair and at £9.0m, I’d be much more likely to take a gamble on him in FanTeam than the additional £0.5m FPL are charging.

Jamie Vardy

FPL: £9.0m
FanTeam: £8.5m

Embed from Getty Images


I’ve always felt like Vardy is just slightly too much in FPL, aside from the title winning campaign of course!

He’s always been an asset that to be fair, is quite reliable, but not that explosive.

If I’m paying £9m+, we’re heading more toward the premium bracket and as such, I want a player that can be reliable and explosive, and I never feel like I quite get that with Jamie Vardy.

So for me, the £8.5m price FanTeam have put him at, feels spot on, as under Rodgers, he could well be both reliable and explosive, but given that it’s for Leicester, £9m just feels slightly too much to gamble on Leicester and Vardy.

The other consideration here, is that Leicester have strengthened in attacking areas, with the addition of Ayoze Perez, they now have someone that is used to the Premier League and can score goals, where they were heavily reliant on Vardy last year, they now have someone that can share the goalscoring burden.

Dean Henderson 

FPL: £4.5m
FanTeam: £4.0m

Embed from Getty Images


Now this one is simply taking advantage of one I believe FanTeam have got wrong.

On FanTeam, Simon Moore is the goalkeeper they think is going to be the starting goalkeeper and they have priced him at £4.5m, but I have it on good authority (see our Team guide on Sheffield United by a 15 time season ticket holder), as well as Henderson being the number 1 throughout last year too, that Henderson is first choice.

So, if you were touting Henderson as your keeper for FPL, well you can get him for £0.5m cheaper on FanTeam and push those funds further up the pitch to help you win a share of the unbelievable €250,000 prize.

Dele Alli

FPL: £8.5m
FanTeam: £8.0m

Embed from Getty Images


Given his injury and his form from last season, this is a player you’re unlikely to choose from the off, but it should be one you keep an eye on.

A player who has averaged 189pts a season in the 3 seasons before last, is not one to completely ignore/forget.

Pochettino trusts him as his number 10, operating as a shadow striker running beyond Kane. If he can find his form again, £8.0m could be a fantastic price to pick him up at.

Che Adams 

FPL: £6.0m
FanTeam: £5.0m

Embed from Getty Images


Those who are interested in Che Adams, can get him for a whole £1m cheaper in FanTeam.

The beast of a forward has been either operating on the right of a 451, or as a supporting striker in a 3421 in pre-season and has notched 3 goals.

He is expected to start and Southampton face Burnley, Brighton, Sheffield United and Bournemouth in their first 6 games.

Cheap starting forwards are hard to come by in FPL, why not take advantage and save yourself £1m with Che Adams?

Favourable Position Difference

Gerard Deulofeu

FPL: £6.5m
FanTeam: £7.0m

FPL: Forward
FanTeam: Midfielder

Embed from Getty Images


Whilst in this case, FPL have him priced cheaper than FanTeam, they have him listed as a forward and not a midfielder.

There are additional benefits to a player being classed as a midfielder over a forward if they operate as an inside forward or a striker, as they get the most goals for the team and in both formats (FPL and FanTeam), a midfielder gets 5 points for a goal over a forward who gets 4 and a midfielder gets a point for a clean sheet, whereas a forward does not.

So whilst it might look worse initially because of the price, it might be that you get more value out of Deulofeu on FanTeam than you would on FPL if you’re interested in the Watford man.

Once again, for more information on FanTeams incredible main event, see here >>

Direct link to website >>


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