FPL Strategy: The Journey

We follow the progress GW to GW of an extremely consistent high overall rank finisher in “FPL Strategy” who has produced 7x top 10k finishes in his FPL career

Hi everyone. I appreciate this opportunity from Simon to discuss my team weekly, here at FPL Connect, and to provide my thought processes behind it. I hope you all enjoy the journey.

Gameweek 6 Review

So let’s get straight into reviewing my GW6 performance. I wildcarded for that week.

Generally in previous years, I always wildcard early. Usually on the 1st international break and my plan this year was to use it early again. So using it in GW6 was two weeks later than planned but I thought it was the right time then and not earlier.

The key reason for me to activate my WC was to reduce the value I had in defence and transfer that to my attack.

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I really wanted an Agüero or Aubameyang in my team and with my pre-wildcard team. That would have been extremely hard to do, as I started the season with one playing striker and two bench warmer Strikers.

Anyway, my wildcard team scored 61 points in GW6, with a small green arrow to just over 671k – not the best but certainly not bad either.

Overall I’ve had a below average start, but I’m not worried yet. The next few games leading to Christmas will be important to stay with the pack and it’s important I continue to have more green the red arrows. Consistency is key. So now is the time where I need to really think about my moves rather than do anything rash.

I would like to add that the small regret I do have, is that I don’t have TAA. That was something I really didn’t want to do, but I have. So I just need to continue with my team and make sure it stays in touch and the green arrows keep coming too.

Preview GW7

So this week, as many people will come to find out, I am very reactive with my ideas at the end of a gameweek and the start of the new gameweek.

I want to make transfers, make impulse decisions, want to jump on bandwagons, price rises. You name it. I’m usually the guy that is willing to rip my team up and redo it, I call it my FPL rage. Especially if it is bad.

However, over the years I do tell myself not to make any transfers until I have calmed down. Because usually my thought process changes as the week goes on. So here I am, at the end of last week. I was adamant to make two changes. I wanted TAA back. But now. Im thinking to stick to my team and role my transfer.

Why? Because it gives me more options for transfer changes in two weeks and my current team is quite well set up anyway for this week and I just want to give my wildcard team a chance to deliver.

So this week I’m not making any changes and my captain will be on big Mo Salah. I’m happy to have Mo as my captain I do think he has a haul in him. And I think he is the best safe option this week.

There are alternatives such as Son/Kane, Man City attack and Chelsea attackers. But none stand out more to me than king Mo Salah (Son in fact is a close second).

Mo salah is the most consistent player over the last few years and if you have him in your team, then I wouldn’t hesitate to captain him.

My thoughts

I’m hoping for an average to good week this week and will be coercing a green arrow.

I have my Chelsea players, Son, Salah and KDB who I expect to all do well. Aubameyang can always get on the scoresheet against anyone and is pretty much fixture proof, but having said that I don’t know what I will get out of the Monday night game.

It’s not like the rivalry of old. Both teams are having a hard time of it too. One team looks toothless in attack and the other can’t defend and keep a team out, even if there lives depended on it.

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My differential of the week: HM son, though people are starting to get him in now. However he is still less than 10% owned as I write this article. I think he will do well and could potentially outscore everyone. I haven’t put him captain just because having him is a differential in itself.

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My disappointment of the week: Will probably come as a surprise. But I think aguero will blank or score low this week. His record against Everton is extremely poor so I can’t see him getting big points this weekend. Anyway, I Hope you all have a great gameweek.

Team for GW7 below

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 18.01.34.png



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