FPL Strategy: The Journey

We follow the progress GW to GW of an extremely consistent high overall rank finisher in “FPL Strategy” who has produced 7x top 10k finishes in his FPL career

Hi everyone. I appreciate this opportunity from Simon to discuss my team weekly, here at FPL Connect, and to provide my thought processes behind it. I hope you all enjoy the journey.

Gameweek 7 Review

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 17.26.52.png

So gameweek 7 was far from perfect. Below the average score for the week (50), got my captain wrong and had a drop in my overall ranking. Not good. However, I’m still not panicking… it’s early days, the drop wasn’t huge and I have two free transfers going into the next gameweek.

Moving swiftly on…

Gameweek 8 Preview

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 17.35.20.png

So I have contemplated a few things this week. Getting Sterling was big on my wish list. I think he will be the standout player this gameweek and would be my captain if I had him, but I just can’t find a way to get him in. So instead I decided to do just one change.

It was to remove Digne and replace him with Otamendi.

Now I don’t rate him as a player, but he does play for the best team in the league and is assured of starts AND has some attacking threat with Laporte out the picture, so I decided to get him in based on that.

Not the most exciting move out there I know, but I think at this stage of the season, I need to be picking safe players rather than risky and extravagant differentials.

I think having two free changes for after the international break is always a good thing too, hence I’m not using both. It allows for flexibility and you never know what injuries will occur over that period.

I’m a manager who also hates taking hits. Sometimes I will do a -4, but hardly ever will I do a -8. So having 2 free transfers is perfect for someone like me.

KDB will not leave my team yet. That hasn’t even crossed my mind. He will be back next week and I have Cantwell to come off the bench.

Embed from Getty Images


Captain choiceThis week I’m give the armband to Aubameyang. He is carrying Arsenal at the moment. He is also playing against a very weak back line that always concedes in Bournemouth.

Auba was a second half sub mid-week and Arsenal didn’t have to travel, so he and they, should be fresh for the game on Sunday.

Salah was a close second. I think he has goals in him. But he is playing a strong Leicester team that I think will be pushing a top 6 position this year. So Aubameyang just shades it.

Team predictionI am not expecting fireworks from my team yet however, I am hoping that Aubameyang can score big. I don’t expect much from my defence. Maybe a clean sheet from Man City, but I don’t hold too much hope for that as City haven’t been that solid this year.

I think Burnley and Villa could struggle this week. I also Think Everton looked really good last week and Norwich are good at home, so I’m hoping for the ‘Pukki Party’ to liven up again too.

Ultimately I want a score above the average – that’ll keep me happy!

Predicted total: 67pts.

Embed from Getty Images


Differential of the week: I think there are a few out there, but this week, I am going for Haller. He is only 5% owned and has a decent home fixture against Crystal Palace. I have liked what I have seen of him and can see him getting on the scoresheet in this one.

Flop of the week: Man Utd. They just look abysmal right now. The Newcastle team are equally as poor, so you normally expect Man Utd to win against a team like Newcastle away, but I can’t see that happening given what we’ve seen so far this year. So rather than a player being a flop, I’m putting the whole team down on being a flop.

Embed from Getty Images


From a players perspective I am thinking a lot of people are going to be disappointed with Riyad Mahrez. Bernardo Silva’s suspension doesn’t start till after this gameweek. So Pep could start him this week meaning that Mahrez could be the one dropping to the bench.



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