FPL Strategy: The Journey

Gameweek 10 Review

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So another GW goes by and for some, it’s becoming a bit of a nightmare (reading some horror stories on Twitter), but for me currently, I feel like I’m starting to go through the gears now.

This week my team got a green arrow and an overall score of 67, which I am really pleased with. I also, got my captaincy pick right; Sterling (22 points).

The players I was really disappointed in, were Aubameyang (who hasn’t returned for a few weeks now) and Otamendi, who didn’t even get into the stating eleven. The rest of the team, I am currently ok with, Guilbert, however, with Villa’s unfavourable fixtures, is someone that I am looking to move on.

Generally speaking, I’m happy with my start to this season. The key thing for me at the moment isn’t my overall rank, it’s making sure that I’m consistent with my scoring (getting above the average) and getting green arrows.

So for the last 3 weeks now I have had 3 green arrows on my overall rank (7/10 overall). That shows I’m currently moving in the right direction, I just need to continue it and be patient with my moves.

Gameweek 11 Preview

So this week, I had two FT’s. I was certainly planning on using both, maybe three, however (as some may know via my Twitter page), I decided to make my transfers early.

It’s not something I would advise, but I was fairly confident that my mind wouldn’t change, even though injuries could have really made me regret my changes (thankfully, while I write this article, everything seems ok from an injury perspective).

So my changes this week were;

  • Aubameyang and Otamendi OUT
  • Vardy and Alexander-Arnold IN
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Both the players I have brought in are certainly long term picks. Overall, both have good games from now until Christmas and I can’t see me removing either of them for a long time.

So I’m extremely happy with my moves – I think they will pay off, if not straight away, certainly in the longer term.

I have had a plan over the last 3-4 weeks to slowly change the structure of my team, and although it’s not over yet, I am slowly getting there.

Gameweek 11 Captaincy

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Captaincy this week is a no-brainer – a fully rested Sterling against anyone is going to give you a good chance of scoring points, but when it is against a team that has just conceded 9 goals a week prior, then surely this is the most nailed time to captain a potentially rampant Raheem.

So, unless I hear he is injured, then he will be my captain this week. No need to overthink this one in my opinion.

Differential of the week

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My differential of the week are Brighton’s duo of Connolly (3.2%) and Trossard (0.2%).

Every time I watch Brighton, I am impressed. They are playing good football and have some excellent players too. I think thy will do well this week, up against the side that have conceded the joint most amount of big chances (18) in the last 5 GWs with Saints, despite them conceding 9 goals last GW to Leicester, which shows just exactly how poor this Norwich defence is.

Flop of the week

This week, I can see it being the Arsenal strike force. They should be bagging a few goals each week, when you have their fire power and creative midfielders they own, but with all the turmoil going on with regards to Xhaka and the manager, I just think that it will affect them on the pitch.

The fact they lost from a healthy position against Liverpool mid-week will also add insult to injury for Emery in particular.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my article, and good luck to you all for GW11.


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