FPL Strategy: The Journey

Gameweek 12 Review

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I want to kick off with saying that, I’m so happy it’s the last international break this year! I really do hate them however, it did let me have an uninterrupted weekend with my family and my mood stays consistent too! (Well I’m sure my wife appreciates it lol).

Anyway, my last gameweek was somewhat of a success. I neutralised the bad week from before and got a rise in rank to 395k. That was up from just under 590k the week before.

That really tells me two things:

  1. the top 500k is extremely tight so far and…
  2. that my team has enough differentials in it to have a healthy climb or fall when the week or captaincy does/doesn’t go my way.

With regards to my team, I’m content with my defence even with some 4/6 not returning this week: Pope finally got me a return with 9. The dependable Söyüncü got a clean sheet and bonus points, with the rest getting 5 points between them.

However all three (lundstram, TAA and Rico) had chances to add attacking returns and on another week there could have been more points so, overall I’m happy with my defence.

In a perfect world, I would like to add another premium defender, but with the way my team is set up, it’s not on my priority list to change them.

My midfield, frustratingly were below par again, with only Salah getting an attacking return. Initially, I was really annoyed with Mount, Sterling and KDB, (no attacking returns between them) but after my initial rage, I am content on not ripping it up completely however, I do have my eyes on a few players in the coming week so the dynamic could change (pending injuries and form of course).

So, onto my attack…

These two really helped my team score well! Tammy Abraham with a solid score of 8 and my man Jamie Vardy getting 24 points (being my captain of course).

It goes without saying that I’m happy with these two and can’t see myself replacing them over the coming season (barring injury). If you haven’t got them, then I would really look to getting them in. They are in fine form and Leicester in particular have a great set of fixtures upcoming.

Gameweek 13 Preview and Transfers

So, to be quite honest, I don’t tend to think too much about my transfers on an international break. I try my best to switch off and do other things.

I know in the past I have worried too much and subsequently have done my transfers early which over the years has bitten me with injuries or other options emerging. So as a rule of thumb, I give myself till later in the second week of international break to make my decision.

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This week, my transfer will depend on the Salah injury. If he is fit, then I may bank my transfer. However if Salah is injured, then I will probably make the move to Mané.

Over the last few seasons, I have stayed loyal to Salah, which at the moment, has not paid off. So I am currently tempted by making the move to get Mané in if Salah is fully confirmed as out.

In an ideal scenario I would also like to replace the deadwood in my team (Cantwell), but I’m currently struggling to find a player in that price bracket that is worth getting in.

This is something I have to consider in the upcoming game-weeks as I think it is essential to have all your outfield squad players playing through the Christmas break. Getting the balance right is key for that period.

So, to conclude I haven’t decided on my transfer yet, but it is probably Mané. Either that, or I could bank it if Salah is declared fit. I will finalise my team and post it before the deadline on Twitter.


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My captain will most likely be a Liverpool asset (Salah, Mané (if I get him)) or even TAA is in my thoughts. I don’t think I will go anyone outside of them.

I know Vardy, Sterling are also in people’s thoughts this week too, but for me currently, I haven’t been convinced to move my armband away from a Liverpool player.

Differential of the week

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I think Jiménez was my best one yet before people jumped on him. So a differential moving forward over the next few weeks for me would be Harry Kane. With Mourinho in charge and having something to prove, he will rely on his talisman to score and push them up the league.

I also think Alli could be a good shout – he may benefit hugely with Mourinho coming on board. Mourinho will strengthen the back 4 up too, so keep an eye on the back 4 he adopts.

Flop of the week

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Now this is going to be controversial, but the flop of the week this week will be Leicester City.

I know this goes against form and everything, but I have this gut feeling that Brighton will make it difficult for Rodgers’ men and I can see them getting a point. So I hope I am wrong with Vardy and Söyüncü, but my gut tells me otherwise.

Anyway hope you all enjoyed the my article, good luck to you all.



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