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Gameweek 13 Review

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Last game week was a bitter sweet one for me. Overall, I didn’t to too badly and got above the overall average score with 63pts and a green arrow up to 355k from 395k.

However, the bitter part was that my captain didn’t haul (again) and of the three that I was looking at, I chose the one that got me the least amount of points (2 points).

Now, to rub a little bit of salt in the wound, my captain (Sterling) actually did score, and to me it looked pretty legitimate, but luck really wasn’t on my side this game week, and VAR ruled it out by what must have been a mere millimetre.

So breaking down my score a little bit more, my defence and goalkeeper combined scored really well (28 points) with only TAA not getting any attacking returns or clean sheet points – I’ll take that.

My midfield overall didn’t do too well though, considering the amount of money the midfield is worth!

Only KDB and Mané got scoring returns (albeit, neither got double figures). Mason Mount came off the bench to get me a solitary point and my captain Sterling got no attacking returns either, although I do think I was really unlucky with Sterling.

He did have a quiet game, but I think he scored a valid goal, but VAR shafted me again – I’m really starting to hate VAR! (mentioned it twice already) hopefully they can sort it out going forwards and perhaps give the attacker the benefit of the doubt when it’s so close like that!

Moving onto my attack, Vardy did really well again, he could have got more than that too, he was dangerous all game and certainly someone that we should be considering for captaincy most weeks!

Abraham got a blank this week however, I’m not looking to move on yet, unless his injury is really bad and then I may have to.

Gameweek 14 Preview

So, looking at my team, I’m still pretty content with my goalkeeper and defence. Pope (for his price) is doing reasonably well (joint second overall) and has scored more points than the popular Henderson and Ederson.

Defence wise, I’m still persevering with TAA, I still think he will come good, especially over the next three to four games. Soyuncu however, has been excellent value in my team, Lundstram is excellent too.

Now, my midfield is a different story. They are just not returning the numbers I would like. Hence my consideration for transfer this week is one of my premium midfielders.

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Currently, I am looking at potentially removing Sterling to Salah. The reason for this is that Salah’s fixtures are really good and I can see Liverpool really turning the screw these next few games and making a mark on the league.

They can’t afford to sit back as they will remember what happened last year – they won’t want to make the same mistake twice.

The league for them is a priority this year, so I think taking Salah for this easier run, could score me some serious points leading up to Christmas. On the other hand, I may need to use the transfer on Abraham, dependent on how long he will be out for.

Having said all that, now that I know Abraham is out, I need to think whether it will be replacing him as a priority or someone else in m team so I field a decent 11 this gameweek.

The other player that may leave my team instead is Guilbert. I will replace with a budget defender and then that would mean starting Sterling and have Abraham on my bench to see how things develop with his injury.

I think I can afford to do that as Abraham has risen a lot in my team. If he is only out for a game or so, it is someone I would want back in my squad for the xmas run in.


For me, the armband is between Mané and Vardy.

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I will probably go Vardy this week, as the guy is in irresistible form at the moment and Everton are looking to be struggling under Silva.

Differential of the week

Now with Emery being sacked, I think the Arsenal players could be a great differential, especially their attacking players.

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For me, Aubameyang is a great differential to have as a captain and is one to seriously consider if you want an alternative to Vardy and Mané!

Flop of the week

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Last week I got this wrong, but I have got it right a few times this season. Flop of the week, I think will be Danny Ings!

Lots of people jumping on this guy, but I don’t think he is fit enough for 3 games in a week, so over the course of the week, I think he will be a flop.

Good luck everyone! Watch out for my Twitter handle for finalised teams, I will upload it prior to the deadline.

You can follow the man behind 7x top 10k finishes here on Twitter for more updates and general discussions about FPL >> https://twitter.com/FplStrategy


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