Consider: Neal Maupay v Dominic Calvert-Lewin

So, you know you’ve got to fit in 3 Liverpool assets soon but getting Salah alongside Mané without losing KDB is more difficult than it looks, or even getting Robertson in next to TAA is not proving easy, certainly easier, but not simple. You need some funds. Not considered Dominic Calvert-Lewin (DCL) or Neal Maupay (NM)? Let me explain why you should be considering them:

Firstly, both these players won’t cost you the earth – DCL and NM are both valued currently at £5.8m.

This is a very good amount of money to pay for a striker playing in a dangerous team. Comparing their stats on FFScout – they’re very very similar. Honestly, there isn’t much between them besides a few touches, a few bonus points and some other very boring bits.

Here I have summed up the easy parts such as how they’ve been the last few seasons, their goals and assists, what you can expect from them going forward including their next 10 fixtures.

Neal Maupay

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 16.02.51.png

Neal Maupay has worked his way up through the ranks playing for French teams Nice, Saint-Etienne and Brest, playing for their second teams before moving up to first team status.

During his time in France, he scored a total of 15 goals in 63 games. This being a 23.8% conversion rate of games played/goals scored.

Then Neal came to lovely Blighty and besides trying out Sunday dinner, increased his goals tally as follows: Playing for Brentford and then Brighton has a total of 44 goals in 105 games. This being a 41.9% conversion rate of games played/goals scored. A serious increase, especially when you consider for 17/18 he played for Brentford a total of 42 times (12 goals) and 18/19 played a total of 43 times (25 goals). His assists also doubled from 4 (17/18) to 8 (18/19).

During his time at Brighton, he has played 20 times (before New Year’s Day 2020) and scored 7 goals. He is still adjusting to the Premier League, at 23 but he is already holding a conversion rate of 35.0%.

Looking at the games Brighton now face, they go as follows:

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 16.05.30.png

Neal Maupay is, statistically speaking, an out and out goal scorer. Yes he has assists (conversion rate of 11.25%) but really, he is a player who is going to score you goals. As he is currently priced at £5.8m and has scored 7 goals in 20 games – you’re looking at a cost of £0.82m per goal. For comparison, Aubameyang is £0.83m per goal.

Give Neal Maupay a try. His ownership currently stands at 2.2% – imagine what a good run of form could do for your rank with a differential like this.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 16.07.28.png

Dominic Calvert-Lewin (DCL) is an Everton forward who has also played his way through the ranks at various teams.

His first spell came at Stalybridge Celtic where he scored 6 goals in 5 games. Then he went onto Northampton in League 2 for 2015/16 and scored 5 goals in 20 matches which yielded a 25% conversion ratio at 18/19 years old. He was then bought by Sheffield United who failed to utilise him as he scored no goals in 12 games. In the same season, 2016/17, he played for Everton U-23s scoring 4 goals in 9 games.

DCL then went on to play 3 seasons with Everton before 2019/20. This resulted in goal conversion rates of 1%, 12.5% and 17.1%.

Then this season he has so far played (before New Year’s Day) 18 games with a goal tally of 8 – 44.4% conversion rate. As you can see, he is growing in skill, confidence and most importantly goal conversions. Currently sitting at almost a 50% conversion rate means he is on track to score around 19 goals this season.

If we take the cost of DCL at £5.8m divided by his goals scored, it yields a cost of £0.72m per goal. Compared to Rashford, who’s goals cost £0.75m each, you can see what you might be missing out on.

DCL this season has scored 8 goals in 18 games but as for assists, he has zero. Yes you read that right, none. He is a goalscorer, helping Everton to climb away from the bottom of the table. As it currently stands Everton are only 6pts away from the relegation zone and Brighton are 5pts away.

With the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, a world-famous manager, Everton should start climbing further away from their current position as they look to claim more European football for Merseyside. 

Their run of fixtures are not as kind as Brighton’s but don’t let that put you off. There are certainly points here for DCL:

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 16.09.57.png

As you can see, Everton have a nice run of fixtures in their next 5 games, and even in their 6th and 7th against Arsenal and Man United, there’s chances for goals in these games as both teams aren’t at their best this season and are conceding goals.

He’s definitely worth giving the next 5 at least, then after that, re-assess and see where things stand, but at his price, and considering you’re going to need every £ you can get your hand on, why not give DCL a go?

This article was written by @fpl_polar – if you want to follow FPL Polar’s FPL progress, or just want to discuss this article or FPL in general with him, you can follow him on Twitter by clicking on the link.  


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