FPL Strategy: His Journey

I hope everyone had an excellent winter break and my apologies for the lack of content over the winter period – it was a very busy time for me. 

Winter Review

Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 14.13.21.png

So, this winter break for me usually is the one of the most important times in FPL.

Before the festive period began, I really wanted to have an average of over 50 points per week (240 points in total) and to be in the top 100k by January. Did either happen? Nope!

198 points in total over 4 GWs and 279k down to 429k in rank. Now, that certainly isn’t where I wanted to be but saying that, it isn’t a disaster and can be brought back. So, for now, I still have expectations of finishing in the top 10k as my initial criteria for success.

Also, it really is the business part of the season now, so the room for error is marginal, so I need to really make each transfer count from now till the end of the season.

Gameweek 22 Preview

So currently I have two free transfers at my disposal. My short term plan for the DGW is to get three Liverpool players (I currently have 2 in Salah and Trent). So whatever transfer I make now will have one eye on getting in Mané as my third player – that will possibly happen next week.

However I’m not dead set on that, but do see Liverpool beating Man Utd quite easily, so have that in my thoughts. This week, I want to use one of my free transfers. The person I’m looking to release is Kelly of Palace.

I think his place is under threat with Ward possibly coming back soon and with rumoured transfers of Palace buying a right back. So with that in mind, I have around £5.3/4m to spend on a defender.

That will still allow me to buy Mané back the following week for Sterling in readiness for the double gameweek. At the price bracket I’m looking at Sidibe currently. He is a person that has started life under his new manager really well and is playing out of position on the right high up the pitch. So, he is my number one target.

Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 14.10.47.png

Just to conclude, my transfer this week will be Kelly out and Sidibe in.


I am expecting a lot of people to have Vardy captain this week. He is at home and is in excellent form, it makes sense to make him captain (if you have him).

Alternatives from my perspective is Sterling or KDB however, I think currently, I will probably putting the arm band on the reliable Jamie Vardy.

Differential of the week

Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 14.11.33.png

This week, I am going for Sergio Agüero.

Playing a Villa team that don’t have their first team keeper available and also a defensive structure that isn’t the most robust, I think Agüero will make a mark this week and get himself on the scoresheet.

Flop of the week

There are no standout players that I think might flop however, one team that is becoming ever frustrating to watch/own are Bournemouth.

On another day, at home to Watford you would expect them to win, but now, with the form they are in and also Watford rejuvenated form under their new boss, I am expecting another hard day for the Cherries.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my article. Good luck to you all!


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