FamTeam Set Up Double Gameweek 30+ €100,000 Guaranteed EPL Main Event

Premier League football is back! And that means, so is Fantasy Football!

Our beloved FPL has returned and to that effect, FanTeam have created a special and quite mouth-watering opening €100,000 guaranteed main event for the restart of FPL.

The scoring is virtually the same as FPL with the exception of price and a couple of things which I’ll mention below, and you only have to pick 7 players from the 4 Premier League fixtures on Saturday.

There is a maximum cap of 7,000 entrants and currently, there is ONLY 451 PLAYERS REGISTERED! 

That means, you only have to beat 450 players right now to achieve a life-changing sum of €20,000 AND, right now, you are GUARANTEED profit because unless they get over 1060 entrants, you will finish in a prize place for just a €20 entrance fee.

Fixed Prizepool

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 16.43.33

The above is the FIXED Prizepool. So, if no more entered and it stayed at 451 entrants, you would be guaranteed €45.00. That’s more than double your entrance fee!!!

It’s legit free money as of this moment so you guys need to get on this fast to ensure you’re shot at a massive €20,000 with a fall back of a MINIMUM, €45.00 at the time of writing.

Game Rules

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 16.47.05

As you can see from the above, the scoring is extremely similar to FPL but FanTeam have added a couple of things like the MID/FWD getting an extra point for playing the full match and a player missing a penalty etc.

It’s a very simple format to get used to and with this tournament, you’re literally just selecting 7 players from a small pool of the 4 Premier League matches on the Saturday.

I can’t recommend this enough. Right now, it is quite literally free money. I, of course, can’t attest to how many more they attract to sign up but even if they do, it’s still a small pool to beat for the chance of a HUGE pot of money.

Just think about FPL and how many millions you’re competing against to get ahead… well for this, it’s ONLY 451!

I don’t think you’ll find a better, more potentially lucrative fantasy football deal if you tried out there right now.

I will be signing up myself and I will write a strategy article on it, which will be released on Friday!

Until then, just do yourself a massive favour, and register/sign up to FanTeam and this tournament right now here >> https://www.fanteam.com/en/featured-game/278095 


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