Double Gameweek 30+ Fanteam €100,000 Main Event Team Reveal

So as I outlined on Wednesday right here >> (, Fanteam are offering a crazy €100,000 PL tournament with some genuinely incredible odds of getting a decent return.

So far, just 760 have signed up and they are GUARANTEED to pay out the top 1060 players at least €30 and the entrance fee is only €30, so right now, you are guaranteed €10 profit even if you come last!!!

Check the prize pool…

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 16.43.33

A whopping €20,000 is available, a life-changing sum of money, just for getting simply choosing the right 7 players for the Saturday Premier League matches, and right now, you only have 760 players to beat.

When you play FPL, you’re having to play against millions! Even in your cash leagues, yes, you’re playing a much smaller pool, but you aren’t guaranteed to make profit AND there certainly isn’t €100,000 on offer… well, I certainly hope not, otherwise you guys are legitimately crazy!

My Team + Strategy

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 14.23.34

This is my team for the tournament!


Given that Goalkeepers have the lowest ceiling for points potential, I have opted to not choose a goalkeeper.

That’s not to say that you should completely disregard them however, as in this game, Fanteam offer 0.5 save points for EVERY save your GK makes instead of the 1 point for every 3 saves in FPL.

So if you feel a GK might make a lot of saves and is a good bet for a clean sheet, then you may want to choose one but generally speaking, outfield players have more chances of scoring points and more frequently than GKs, so my advice is not to select one.


Now, looking at the fixtures:

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 15.10.05

Straight away I know there isn’t a great wealth of midfielders on offer that would entice me as, Arsenal, well, we just don’t know who’s going to play. Ozil was completely left out of the team by Arteta for their match against City and Pepe was benched, so neither of those players can be selected with any degree of certainty.

And elsewhere, in those sides, there just isn’t much else with that much potential in the way of goals/assists – the pool is quite small.

So, I think, it’s logical to have a couple of defenders, as there are some very nice defensive options that like to get forward who have a reasonable clean sheet potential in these matches.

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 16.22.42

The two players that stand out to me, are Matt Doherty of Wolves and Patrick van Aanholt (PVA) of Palace.

Just before the break, Wolves had really tightened up defensively, with 4 clean sheets in their last 5 Premier Leagues matches. In those games, Doherty had managed a goal and 2 assists, taking his tally to 4 goals and 5 assists for the season from his attacking wing back role.

PVA is similarly attack minded however, he hasn’t quite got the freedom to roam forward  like Doherty does and isn’t playing in a wing back system that allows him that freedom although, even in Hodgson’s defensive outfit, he has some freedom to attack and with that, he’s managed to score 3 goals.

With the kind budget, you should be able to afford these guys no problem, but if you’re struggling for funds, Roman Saiss £6.0m and Gary Cahill £5.5m offer reasonable alternatives with an attacking threat from set-pieces.


So as I said above, there isn’t really too much in the midfield that’s enticing.

The main interesting options come from Leicester.

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 16.19.59

James Maddison and Harvey Barnes are two of my favourite choices and the two I’ll be going with.

Maddison enjoyed a very good first half of the season, scoring 5 goals and notching 5 assists in 15 games. The second half however, paints a very different picture, with him scoring 1 goal and getting 0 assists in the next 14 games which, for Leicester’s CAM, really is poor, but Leicester in general seem to take their foot off the pedal somewhat in the new year.

Harvey Barnes however, was electric just before the break, scoring 5 times and getting 2 assists out of his last 7 games, including an excellent performance in the 4-0 win against Aston Villa where he hit a brace and an assist.

Outside of the two above, Ismaila Sarr looks to be a good option. Since he became a first teamer, he’s hit 5 goals and 4 assists in his 12 start appearances, including the infamous dismantling of Liverpool’s defence in Watford’s surprise 3-0 win against Liverpool.

One last mention in midfield, would be Portuguese playmaker Joao Moutinho for Wolves.

In Fanteams game, a MID or FWD is awarded a point for playing 90 minutes and Joao has completed 90 minutes 25 times out of a possible 29 this season. You also get a point if the team a player is playing for wins in the time he is on the pitch, so if you expect Wolves to keep a clean sheet and win, then that would likely be a minimum 5 points for Joao without the potential of an attacking return! And he has a goal and 7 assists this season, so an assist certainly out of the question.


This is the section that has a fair few options and this is why I have chosen to max out my allocation of forwards.

For me, it’s as simple as choosing the highest scoring forwards so far. There’s a reason they are where they are and all have reasonable-good fixtures.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 18.04.39

First up is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He’s easily Arsenal’s best option and typically completes the game, so the +1 for completing the game should be in the bag unless Arsenal are winning very comfortably and Arteta wants to give him a breather.

He was in good knick pre-lockdown having found the net 4 times in his last 5 games so for me, against Brighton, represents a solid choice although it has to be said, Arsenal have struggled in the past against Brighton so I don’t expect it to be easy. Aubameyang should get a couple of chances however and I expect to at least take one of them.

Second is Jamie Vardy – an auto-include for me.

He’s been in incredible form this season but like we mentioned earlier with the midfield, Leicester were struggling somewhat in the new year and Vardy was no different. In his first 18 games, Vardy had scored 17 goals and got 5 assists! Since then, just 2 goals and 1 assist in his next 8 games, as he did pick up an injury in-between which may have had an effect.

Just before the break however, he hit that brace coming off the bench against Villa and with time to reflect and re-gain fitness, Vardy could be braced to hit the ground running against Watford. Another player that typically gets 90 mins and is on pens – perfect!

Last but certainly not least, Raul Jimenez.

The Mexican forward has carried straight on from where he left on last season, this season, scoring 13 goals and setting up 6 goals for his teammates. He, like Vardy and Aubameyang, is another player that more or less finishes each game, so he should have a good chance at the +1 for completing the match.

He’s also on penalties like the other two forwards and is just as good at assisting as he is at goalscoring. 5 goals in his last 7 matches put him in good form pre-lockdown and with a defensively frail West Ham up next, there’s a very good chance of attacking returns for Jimenez.

Register/sign up to FanTeam and this tournament right now here >> 



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