FPL Fixtures: A First Look

Which teams have appealing fixtures in the very first GW of the new premier league season? Do any of the teams have an appealing run of fixtures that cannot be ignored?

Well, I think, the undisputed defending champions Liverpool might as well host the newly promoted Leeds United at Anfield. No, I am not guessing, because the Premier League fixtures are now out! 

The Manchester Fiasco

Photo Credit: https://en.as.com/en/2020/01/06/football/1578331602_415131.html

I know you guys are going to get disappointed as the Manchester twins, if I can call them so, (i.e. United and City), both have a blank in the first GW. For starters, both Man Utd and Man City were humbled by not the fiercest of opponents. They were outwrestled in Europa & UCL respectively.

The Premier League has agreed to the norms of a minimum of a 30 day break for all clubs, and due to their involvement in their respective European competitions, it means both will be blanking in GW1.

This provides an interesting start to the PL season with us having to think carefully about how we might plan our GW1 teams without the heavyweight City options.

Further, with Man United finishing last season strongly – except for their EL knockout – and their extremely nice run of fixtures in the PL to GW11, we must consider how we might look to incorporate the likes of Bruno Fernandes, Anthony Martial and potentially Mason Greenwood into our sides.

Manchester United opening fixtures, GW1 to GW11.
Manchester City opening fixtures, GW1 to GW11.

The Problematic Promotions

Photo credit: https://tribuna.com/en/liverpoolfc/news/2020-03-06-exleeds-striker-whites-boss-bielsa-in-facetoface-talks-with-klopp-over-kent/

Leeds United, the newly promoted team in the EPL is set for a clash with the mercurial Reds at Anfield.

Although the odds look stacked against the newbies, this could be an interesting affair, owing to the first day energy of the EPL and a relatively new set of skills that Leeds bring to the table (not to mention the charismatic figure of Marcelo Bielsa, gracing the Premier League).

However, a rejuvenated Salah might have some other things on his mind – namely, a goal scoring spree.

On the other hand, a fully stacked, Willian-rich Arsenal, will face the newly promoted Fulham. Although Auba being listed as a midfielder has left many FPL managers pondering including the Gunners’ talisman, the Craven Cottage faithful will know that they face an uphill task in front of them.

However, a certain Serbian by the name of Mitrovic, might be looking to disrupt the gunners’ applecart and warn the biggies of his presence on the very first GW. Indeed, Fulham’s fixtures after the Arsenal clash look the most promising of all of the newly promoted clubs!

Fulham opening fixtures, GW1 to GW11.

Dominant Spurs = Dominant Start for you

Spurs opening fixtures, GW1 to GW11.

After taking a quick glance at the fixtures, the number one tip I can give you is this: get those Tottenham players in your drafts!

Tottenham Hotspur under Mourinho face only one top 6 opponent (Manchester United) in their first eight GWs.

So, if you are in for an early bird advantage, perhaps consider their premium options of Harry Kane and his Son (Heung-Min). There are also some potentially lower owned budget options such as Dier/Tanganga in defence (both £5.0m).

This point has to be taken with all seriousness. Finally we can include one or more of the Mourinho boys!

Flying Foxes Tips

Leicester opening fixtures, GW1 to GW11.

The first seven GWs for Leicester are looking pretty comfortable apart from a clash with Pep’s blues.

Those who were hounding Vardy for his age, might stealthily be putting him back in his position, as the ease of the fixtures might make him seem more appealing now.

Trust me FPL managers, there is nothing more dangerous than an in-form Jamie Vardy. Every attack of the foxes runs through him, and he showed no sign last season of letting his age stop him now. At approximately 11% ownership, he could be a fantastic differential too.

The Hammers Getting Hammered

Do not be fooled by the opening home game against a shady Newcastle team, because after that the Hammers get well and truly hammered!

Soucek was close to 15% ownership prior to the fixture release, and now is below 10%. I expect that number to continue to drop the more people release the awful start that David Moyes’ men face for the first three months of the season!

You have been warned, stay away FPL managers!

Some Final Noteworthy Opening Fixtures

Photo credit: https://tribuna.com/en/chelsea/news/2020-07-25-he-is-doing-a-fantastic-job-wolves-manager-nuno-espirito-santo-praises-lampard-and-chelse/

To finish the article, I have included the opening sets of fixtures for three other clubs that I believe you may want to include assets from: Chelsea, Wolves, and Southampton.

Some key assets to look out for are: Werner, Ziyech, Doherty, Vinagre, Jimenez, McCarthy, KWP, Armstrong, and Ings.

Chelsea opening fixtures, GW1 to GW11 (above).
Wolves opening fixtures, GW1 to GW11 (above).
Southampton opening fixtures, GW1 to GW11 (above).

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