FPL Fixtures To Target (Part 1)

Arsenal GW 8-24

Plenty will be eyeing up those opening 2 fixtures using Aubameyang as a place holder for premium City and even Utd midfielders. However, the fixtures do get sticky from GW 3 on with the Gunners playing 5 of last season’s top 9.

They do embark on one of the kindest runs of fixtures from GW 8 all the way through to GW 24.

They have 9/17 home games and only 6/17 are vs last season’s top half.  It does look like a spell where we could consider a few Arsenal assets. 7 GWs of data before hand will give us plenty of information to weigh up.

Aston Villa GW 9-15

Even though it is Villa the fixtures from 9-15 do look enticing. They have 4/7 home games & 0/7 is vs a team that finished top 6.

At the moment they lack firepower but they do have an array of budget defenders.

Trezeguet finished with a flourish last season and John McGinn was a solid option at 5.5m before his horrific injury. If Super Jack stays then a lot will rest on his massive calves and he may be one to consider during this nice run.

Brighton GW 23-29

We will have to wait quite some time before Brighton’s most favourable run of fixtures. This may not be a bad thing given Potter’s penchant for rotation.

4/7 home games and they play just 1/7 of last season’s top 10. Brighton have plenty of potential FPL options and with this run coming deep into the season we have plenty of time to see which sea gulls are flying high.

Burnley GW 13-20

Burnley’s blank in GW 1 halted those in their tracks who were looking to Pope as a set & forget, their budget defenders or the likes of Chris Wood up top. In fact, their fixtures overall are a fair mix of good spells with a few blemishes evenly spread out.

We have chosen 13-20 here which gives us 2 newly promoted clubs as well as Villa twice in 8 games. The likes of Wolves & Shu are no doubt tricky but are at home and the kind of fixtures Burnley can perform well in.

Chelsea GW 30-38

We will all be wading into Chelsea assets long before this and they are one of the most exciting teams from an attacking POV this year.

New recruits like Werner & Ziyech as well as Pulisic who had a sparkling end to the season before getting injured will all prove popular.

They will be popular at the beginning of the season and even more come the end. 5/9 home games, 2 of these vs newly promoted sides. 4 of their remaining 7 are against bottom half teams and even 2 of their trickier fixtures on paper are at home.

Crystal Palace GW 5-15

Palace had a terrible end to the season post restart and without some investment I can see them struggling this season.

This run here could be key to their safety. They play all 3 newly promoted clubs as well as well as the 3 teams that finished just above the relegation zone.

Not too many FPL options right now but they do have a couple of budget defenders and also Ayew who could be worth a look during this run.

Everton GW 2-10

Truth be told there isn’t really a block of Everton fixtures I fancy attacking. Plenty of us were stung by their welcoming start of fixtures last season and won’t forget their underwhelming end to the season either.

Here they have 5/9 home games and play the 3 promoted clubs in this time also.

Richarlison has hit 150 + points in the last 2 seasons accumulating 34 attacking returns in the process. He could be one we are all sleeping on if Everton start well.

Fulham GW 1-9

Fulham will need a good start to fare better this time around and their opening 9 fixtures are decent enough to give them a platform to build on.

5/9 are at home and games vs the likes of Leeds. Villa, WBA and Palace could be early 6 pointers.

Only one Cottager on my watch list pre research & that is Mitrovic. 26 league goals last season and 5 in his first 6 the last time he was a Premier League player. Fulham will need him to fire to have any chance.

Leicester GW 1-5

Lockdown did The Foxes no favours & it is easy to forget what a joy they were from an FPL POV during the season.

While watching them falter and fall outside the top 4 late in the season is on all of our minds their opening fixtures give them a chance to hit the ground running again.

In their opening 5 they play Burnley, West Ham and Villa at home and also newcomers WBA. Last season’s golden boot winner may cost £1 million more this season but Vardy has the pedigree to punish us all.

While many will cite the old adage that he will struggle vs a deep lying defensive team he scored 5 goals last season vs the above-mentioned teams. Defence is riddled with injuries and looks a no go early doors.

Leeds United GW 12-16

There is a real buzz about Leeds return to the Premier League and Marcelo Bielsa in particular but the fixture Gods have not been kind. They play the top 2 in their first 4 and have a raggedy run throughout the season.

The run below is perhaps their most interesting. They play West Ham, Newcastle & Burnley all at home as well a trip to a familiar foe in The Baggies.

We will also see the first Man Utd vs Leeds league game in some 16 years. I can see Leeds investing before the start of the campaign but there is value in their squad. With that tough opening run we have plenty of time to see who stands out.

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