FPL Texan’s Wildcard Team Reveal

Hey guys, FPL Texan here giving you a reveal for my FPL Wildcard team for Gameweek 25 that I will be using to Bench Boost in Gameweek 26. In this piece I will reveal my squad, with a brief description of why I selected each player. Then I will tell you guys my plans for the upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoy!

My current rank is 345th in the world. You can find me on Twitter here.

The Team



Martinez and the Villa defence have had a great season so far, with 12 clean sheets this season, and 3 in their last 4 games. Martinez is averaging 3.82 saves per match this season so save point appeal is also there. Martinez was selected due to his great form and possible double gameweek of Leeds and Everton/Sheffield United. Combine that with the possibly of Villa possibly having a gameweek 29 fixture, and Martinez was one of the first players in my team.


Areola is one of the best budget keepers out there this season, coming in at £4.5m and being the 9th highest scoring keeper so far this season. Fulham’s defence has been pretty good as of late, keeping 2 clean sheets in their last 3 games. Areola is averaging 3.38 saves per match this season. Next week Fulham face Sheffield United, which is a favourable matchup for a possible clean sheet. There is also a chance that Fulham get a double gameweek in 26 of Crystal Palace and Tottenham.

If they don’t get a double, I still like Areola as a single gameweek player against a Palace team that is struggling offensively. Fulham also will definitely have a fixture in gameweek 29, so is a great budget option on my bench.



As mentioned in the Martinez section, Villa have been a great defensive team. Targett has been a key part of that defence, having started every match this season. Targett has the 3 assists this season, and has the highest xA of all Villa defenders this season at 1.47. Villa have a favourable possible double gameweek in gameweek 26 of Leeds and Everton/Sheffield, so there is potential for a return from Targett. Villa also may have a game in gameweek 29 against Tottenham, so Villa assets are a great idea to have heading into the coming gameweeks.


The Brighton defence has been in good form as of late, having kept 5 clean sheets in their last 6 matches. This week they face Crystal Palace at home. Although Brighton do not have a double in 26, they do have West Brom in gameweek 26 which is a favourable matchup for a possible clean sheet. Brighton also have a confirmed fixture in gameweek 29 against Newcastle which is also favourable. For these reasons I like Dunk as a bench boost option in 26 and as a good asset going forward.


Pereira is my main differential on my wildcard, coming in at just 0.5% owned. Leicester have some great fixtures coming up, including a possible double of Arsenal and Burnley. Pereira has just come back from a knee injury he sustained last season. He has started the last 3 matches, and has had 2 clean sheets in those games. Pereira was a great asset before his injury last season, and I think he can regain that form on this nice run of fixtures that Leicester have.


Luke Shaw has been on fire over these last few weeks, with 4 assists in his last three matches. In the last five matches, he has the highest xA in the league at 2.14. This week he faces Newcastle which could be another great performance for him. Man United have a possible double of Chelsea and Crystal Palace. The double is not too bad and I think Shaw could easily hit the 8-10 point mark from those games.


Dias is the mainstay of a City defence that is arguably the best defence in the league this season, having kept 7 clean sheets in their last 9 matches. Whilst there are more exciting City defensive options, I have decided to go with the safe option in Dias that seems a lock in the squad when fit at the moment. City have a possible double of West Ham and Wolves in gameweek 26, and a possible double gameweek in 27 of Manchester United and Southampton. City are hard to bet against not getting clean sheets at the moment, so at least one City defender was a must in my wildcard team.



Salah has consistently been producing with 4 goals in his last 4 matches, and also ranks 4th in xG over the last 5 games at 2.98. All this has still occurred even though Liverpool have been in a slump of sorts as of late. I think this slump is about to end, with a great run of fixtures coming up. Liverpool have a possible double of Sheffield United and Chelsea, followed by Fulham and Wolves afterwards. I think its very possible that Salah and Liverpool could get back to their old ways during that stretch of games.


Gundogan has been in phenomenal form, highlighted by him winning EPL player of the month. With 8 goals and 5 assists in his last 7 matches, he is currently the best budget midfielder available. Gundogan also leads the league in xG over the last 5 games at 3.94. As mentioned in the Dias section, City could have favourable doubles in 26 and 27 so having the in form City attacker is a must for anyone on wildcard this week.


Bruno has been very steady as of late, with a goal in each of his last three games. This week Bruno faces Newcastle at home. In the reverse fixture, Bruno grabbed a goal and assist. Man United also have a double of Chelsea and Crystal Palace, so you would like Bruno’s chance to get at least one return from those matches. Bruno was a must have on my wildcard as he is just so consistent at getting returns.


Tottenham have one of the most favourable possible double gameweeks in 26, playing Burnley and Fulham/Sheffield United. There is also a small chance that they could double again in gameweek 27 or 28. Son has been one of the top goal scorers this season with 13 goals. I think Spurs can regain the form again with the multiple doubles and easy fixtures they have coming up. Spurs also have a possible game in game in 29 against Villa.


Raphinha has been very impressive for Leeds since nailing down a starting role in the side, with 2 goals and 3 assists in his last 5 matches. Leeds also have a double in gameweek 25, playing Wolves and Southampton. Raphinha is second on the team in both xG and xA over the last 5 games which is also promising considering how attacking Leeds are as a side. Leeds do not double in 26, so one of the Leeds assets will be transferred out leading into gameweek 26 for my bench boost.



Over the last 5 games, Bamford has scored 2 goals and assisted 3. Over the same period, he has a team leading xG of 1.76 and xA of 1.48. The possibility of penalties is also part of the appeal with Bamford. As mentioned in the Raphinha section, Leeds double in 25 but not 26. This leads to having to sell one of the Leeds assets, which I will discuss at the end of the article.


As mentioned in the Son section, Spurs could have arguably the best double in 26, so I will be doubling up on their two top attackers. Since returning from injury, Kane has scored 2 goals in his last 3 matches. Heading into the double I am leaning towards Kane as my captain over Son due to him being on pens and his astonishing 67% goal contribution, compared to Son’s 53%.


Watkins is the final player in my triple Villa setup for my wildcard. As mentioned earlier, their great form and price is just too hard to pass up. This combined with their likely double in 26 and possibly playing in 29 made it crucial for me to have three of them in my team. Watkins has been in very good form as of late, with 4 goals in his last 6. Watkins also has the second highest xG at 3.13 over the last 5 games, only behind Gundogan.


At the moment, I have 2 double gameweek players for 25 and 12 double gameweek players for 26. My plans heading into gameweek 26 will be to transfer out a Leeds player for another double gameweek player, to get to 13 double gameweek players.

At the moment I am leaning towards transferring out Raphinha. I also have not ruled out taking a -4 to take out either Dunk or Bamford to get to 14 doublers. As it stands, I have 7 players that will play in gameweek 29, but after my transfer(s) for gameweek 26 that could go down to 5 or 6. Either way, I should be able to get a minimum of 9-10 players for gameweek 29 which I am happy with.

As you can see, in my wildcard I have tried to attack the upcoming double gameweeks, whilst also being mindful of the upcoming blanks as best I can.

I hope you enjoyed the article, let me know what you think of my team, and show us your wildcard on Twitter if you used it this week!

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