Predicting the Dream Team – Foomni Vs. Texan (Gameweek 26)

Hello, and welcome to the third edition of Predicting the Dream Team brought to you by me, FPL Texan. In this article, we preview FPL Gameweek 26.

In this series, I go head-to-head each week with Foomni Analytics to see who can select the best team of the week, their algorithm or myself. It is a classic battle of man vs. machine!

I am currently ranked 824 in the world.

So first off, let’s take a look at who won the first battle in GW25, myself or Foomni.

Gameweek 25 Review

ManagerGameweek 25 ScoreH2H Score
FPL Texan681
Foomni Algo 711

Firstly, if you would like to see who we each picked for GW25, last week’s article can be found here. As you can see, Foomni wins this round in another close battle! That makes it 1-1 going into GW26.

Probably the best pick of the bunch was Foomni’s selection of Veltman, who picked up a goal for the Seagulls.

Moving onto GW26, let’s take a look at Foomni Analytics’ team and a brief explanation of their algorithm.

Foomni’s Predicted Team of the Week (Gameweek 26)

Algo is a predictive algorithm developed by Foomni Analytics, with the goal of projecting FPL player points as correctly as possible. This is Algo’s second full season, and every week it makes new projections for all players and uses them to pick that week’s Dream Team, and provide general FPL advice.

Algo’s brain is a complex system that uses the data from several previous seasons to calculate a player’s form, and then determines what factors affect a player’s form, and applies appropriate modifiers to reflect them.

If you are interested to know more about Algo’s inner workings, this is a good place to start.

It is important to note that there may be a few final changes to Algo’s team following the press conferences.

Next, we will look at my predicted team of the week and my reasoning behind each decision.

Texan’s Predicted Team of the Week (Gameweek 26)

Important note before we begin – this is not my actual team for Gameweek 26, but instead my predicted team of the week (almost as though I had a free hit to choose as I wish).


  • Price = £5.3m
  • Ownership = 37.4%
  • Projected points = 11.73 points
    • Vs. Leeds = 4.73 points
    • Vs. Sheffield United = 7.00 points

This season’s top scoring keeper so far is in the net this week for me. With a favourable double of Leeds and Sheffield United, I believe Aston Villa’s defence is a good option this week. In their previous meetings, Martinez scored 3 points against Leeds and 13 against Sheffield. Martinez probably wont score 16 points this week, but I think 8-10 points is quite likely.

Martinez is averaging 3.83 saves per match, which equates to a save point per match.


  • Price = £5.9m
  • Ownership = 0.8%
  • Projected points = 6.31 points
    • Vs. Arsenal = 3.46 points
    • Vs. Burnley = 2.85 points

Pereira is a big differential this week, at 0.8% owned. Leicester have a favourable double of Arsenal and Burnley, and I think all of their assets are great options. Pereira has started the last 4 Premier League games, and in the most recent game played as a right winger. In that game, he had 3 shots and 2 key passes.

If he continues to play in that advanced role he could be in for a big haul. Arsenal and Burnley are tied 10th in expected goals allowed (xGA) over the last 5 games at 7.13, so goals are to be had for an in form Leicester team.


  • Price = £6.1m
  • Ownership = 21.5%
  • Projected points = 7.29 points
    • Vs. West Ham = 3.84 points
    • Vs. Wolves = 3.45 points

Dias again makes my team of the week, having been in all 3 so far. Man City have a double of West Ham and Wolves at home this week. City’s defence are the strongest in the league at the moment, with 8 clean sheets in their last 10 games, and Dias has been one of the main reasons for this.

When City keep their clean sheets, Dias is also a good bet for bonus points as well, having gotten bonus points in 5 of their last 8 games with clean sheets.

It is hard to bet against City not getting clean sheets at the moment, and I would expect at least one this week.


  • Price = £6.1m
  • Ownership = 8.1%
  • Projected points = 8.59 points
    • Vs. Southampton = 4.32 points
    • Vs. West Brom = 4.27 points

Digne and Everton have one of the most favourable doubles on paper this week, playing Southampton and West Brom. Southampton and West Brom are both ranked in the bottom half of the league for xG over the last 5 games, so a clean sheet or two could be a possibility for Digne.

Digne’s attacking potential is the main reason he is in my predicted team of the week, being the 6th in xA for defenders over the last 5 games. This is especially important as Southampton are 4th worst in xGA over the last 5 games, so an attacking return is possible in that game.


  • Price = £12.6m
  • Ownership = 42.1%
  • Projected points = 12.65 points
    • Vs. Sheffield Untied = 7.32 points
    • Vs. Chelsea = 5.33 points

Liverpool have not been in great form as of late, but I think this could turn around with a double of Sheffield United and Chelsea. Even through Liverpool’s struggles, Salah has remained in form with 4 goals in his last 5 games.

Also, over the last 5 games he has the second highest xG in the league, trailing only Gundogan. In his first matchup, he faces a Sheffield United defence that is missing key defenders such as John Egan and Chris Basham. Chelsea on the other hand is a tough matchup, but Salah has the ability to score against any team.


  • Price = £11.6m
  • Ownership = 60.4%
  • Projected points = 17.19 points
    • Vs. Chelsea = 7.70 points
    • Vs. Crystal Palace = 9.49 points

Bruno again makes the team of the week, with a double of Palace and Chelsea. As mentioned earlier, Chelsea are very strong defensively at the moment, with the lowest xGA over the last 5 games. But as with Salah, I would never count Bruno out of a goal against anyone. The Crystal Palace fixture is the main prize here though for Bruno.

Over the last 5 games, Palace are in the bottom 5 for xGA. Combine that with Bruno’s scoring in each of his last 4 games, and Bruno again will be a solid option for captaincy this week for managers.


  • Price = £11.8m
  • Ownership = 11.6%
  • Projected points = 9.37 points
    • Vs. West Ham = 4.23 points
    • Vs. Wolves = 5.07 points

De Bruyne made his return from injury last gameweek against Arsenal, and was immediately back to his old ways. De Bruyne led the team in key passes (3), and was tied first for shots taken (3). To add to this, he only play 64 minutes due to being eased back into the squad.

With West Ham and Wolves this week, De Bruyne could be in for a great haul if he plays both matches due to how involved he is in the in-form City attack.


  • Price = £9.5m
  • Ownership = 51.1%
  • Projected points = 13.95 points
    • Vs. Burnley= 8.36 points
    • Vs. Fulham = 5.59 points

Son and Spurs have been in a bit of a slump as of late, but I think their form could turn around this week with a double of Burnley and Fulham. Over the last 3 games since Kane returned, Son has only managed one goal. Over that period he has averaged 1.67 shots and key passes per match.

Son did score against Burnley in there last meeting, and was unlucky not to score against Fulham where he had an xG of 1.5 in the game earlier in the season. These stats bode well for Son to regain his goal scoring form this week.


  • Price = £6.9m
  • Ownership = 14.5%
  • Projected points = 14.49 points
    • Vs. Arsenal= 6.89 points
    • Vs. Burnley = 7.60 points

Harvey Barnes has been in fantastic form, with 3 goals and 2 assists in his last 5 matches. This gameweek, Leicester have a favourable double of Arsenal and Burnley.

Barnes has been very involved as of late for Leicester, being there top man for xG and second for xA over the last 5 games. He also is 5th in the league for midfielders for xG over the last 5 games.

Barnes should be able to keep his form up this gameweek against Burnley and Arsenal, who as mentioned earlier are middle of the road defences, with both being 10th for xGA over the last 5 games.


  • Price = £11.1m
  • Ownership = 27.8%
  • Projected points = 12.07 points
    • Vs. Burnley = 6.73 points
    • Vs. Fulham = 5.34 points

Harry Kane is my captaincy choice this week, having a nice double gameweek of Burnley and Fulham. Since returning from injury, he has managed just one goal in his last three games, but the stats show he has still been very active with 13 shots in those three games.

In the previous meetings this season, Kane has gotten a return in both games with an assist against Burnley and a goal against Fulham. I think that we should see a similar stat sheet this week, if not better from Kane.


  • Price = £7.7m
  • Ownership = 37.7%
  • Projected points = 10.83 points
    • Vs. Southampton = 5.38 points
    • Vs. West Brom = 5.45 points

DCL comes in to this double gameweek with possibly the most favourable double gameweek for an attacking player of Southampton and West Brom. As mentioned in the Digne section, Southampton have been struggling as of late defensively so I would expect Everton to score in that game, as well as against a West Brom defence without Ajayi.

DCL leads Everton in xG over the last 5 games at 2.55. I would expect DCL to continue his hot form, and also would consider him as a differential captain this week.

Man vs. Machine – Who will win?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is https___blogs-images.forbes.com_bernardmarr_files_2019_07_adobestock_152392992-1200x800-1.jpg

Now you have seen our teams, who do you think will win this week? Man vs. Machine! We are currently tied (1-1), so who will be in the lead heading into Gameweek 27?

Let us know on Twitter the manager that you think will be victorious!

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Want to sign up Algo as your Assistant Manager?

Use CONNECT2021 code on Foomni Analytics website for a 20% discount on their Premium Season Pass. Code is valid until the end of the season!

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