Predicting the Dream Team – Foomni Vs. Texan (Gameweek 34)

Hello, and welcome to the 11th edition of Predicting the Dream Team brought to you by me, FPL Texan. In this article, we preview FPL Gameweek 34.

In this series, I go head-to-head each week with Foomni Analytics to see who can select the best team of the week, their algorithm or myself. It is a classic battle of man vs. machine!

So first off, let’s take a look at who won the tenth battle in GW33, myself or Foomni.

Gameweek 33 Review

ManagerGameweek 33 ScoreH2H ScoreOverall Points
FPL Texan567733
Foomni’s Algo703706

As you can see, Algo won the battle, bringing the head to head score to 7-3!

His selection of Chris Wood was the difference, who scored 20 points in Gameweek 33! If Algo can win all of his remaining battles with me, he will win 8-7. If I win in GW34, there is no coming back for Algo!

Moving onto GW34, let’s take a look at Foomni Analytics’ team and a brief explanation of their algorithm.

Foomni’s Predicted Team of the Week (Gameweek 34)

Algo is a predictive algorithm developed by Foomni Analytics, with the goal of projecting FPL player points as correctly as possible. This is Algo’s second full season, and every week it makes new projections for all players and uses them to pick that week’s Dream Team, and provide general FPL advice.

Algo’s brain is a complex system that uses the data from several previous seasons to calculate a player’s form, and then determines what factors affect a player’s form, and applies appropriate modifiers to reflect them.

If you are interested to know more about Algo’s inner workings, this is a good place to start.

It is important to note that there may be a few final changes to Algo’s team following the press conferences.

Next, we will look at my predicted team of the week and my reasoning behind each decision.

Texan’s Predicted Team of the Week (Gameweek 34)

Important note before we begin – this is not my actual team for Gameweek 34, but instead my predicted team of the week (almost as though I had a free hit to choose as I wish).


  • Price: £5.6m
  • Ownership: 7.1%
  • Projected Points: 4.98 Points

Lloris makes the team of the week this week in my triple up on Spurs as they face Sheffield United. Sheffield United have the second worst xG since April 1st at just 2.27. Spurs are not a great defensive team, with the third highest xGA over the same period, but I am going to back the Spurs lads to get a clean sheet this week. Hugo looked very good in the League Cup Final over the weekend, and Spurs need to start getting results to get confirm European football next season.

Lloris averages 2.97 saves per game, so there is potential for a save point as well.


  • Price: £5.8m
  • Ownership: 6.3%
  • Projected Points: 4.92 Points

A hero in my own team last week, Castagne makes his debut in the team of the week. Leicester have been quite strong as of late defensively, with the 6th best xGA since the start of the month. Conversely, Southampton’s offense has struggled as of late, with the 6th worst xG over the same period. Castagne is also offering great attacking potential, ranking 3rd in xG (0.54) and 2nd in xA (0.86) since April 1st.

Castagne is in great form, and I think we could see a double digit performance from him on Friday.


  • Price: £5.9m
  • Ownership: 8.0%
  • Projected Points: 3.39 Points

Azpilicueta makes a return to the team of the week, as Chelsea face Fulham this weekend. Azpi got a rest in the Champions League game mid week, only playing 60 mins, so I would expect him to play this weekend. Chelsea have the second best xGA since the start of the month at just 2.71, whilst Fulham’s attack has been poor with the 3rd worst xG over the same period.

I would expect a Chelsea clean sheet this weekend, and with Azpi playing in a more advanced role as of late he makes the team of the week.


  • Price: £5.3m
  • Ownership: 26.8%
  • Projected Points: 5.79 Points

Dallas rounds out the defence this week with a matchup against Brighton. Brighton have the 7th worst xG since April 1st, at 5.10. Leeds’ defence has not been great, ranking middle of the road in terms of xGA, but Dallas is in the team for his attacking potential. Dallas plays in the midfield, which greatly increases his attacking return potential. He has two goals in his last 4 games (a brace against Man City), and seems to always have a big chance each game. Dallas is also the highest scoring defender in the league this season.

Dallas usually gets a big chance or two each game, and I think he will capitalise on it this weekend.


  • Price: £6.6m
  • Ownership: 31.9%
  • Projected Points: 4.77 Points

Lingard is in the team of the week again this week, with a nice matchup against Burnley. Burnley have been below average in terms of xGA with the 7th lowest since the start of the month. West Ham have not been great in terms of xG either, with the 5th worst over the same period, but JLingz is still a great choice this week due to his hot form. Over the last 4 games, he has 4 goals and 1 assist. He unsurprising leads the team in xG in that period as well. Lingard also averages 3 shots per 90mins, so he is actively looking to score.

Lingard blanked last week against Chelsea, but I think he should get back on the score sheet this week against Burnley.


  • Price: £9.5m
  • Ownership: 45.8%
  • Projected Points: 7.01 Points

Son returns to the team of the week this week, with a great matchup against Sheffield United. Since April 1st, Sheffield United have the fifth worst xGA in the league. This bodes well for Spurs, who rank 7th in xG over the same period, and they should have Harry Kane back in the team this weekend. Son is heavily involved in the Spurs attack, ranking second in xG (1.49) and 3rd in xA (0.53) over the last 5 games.

I would expect Spurs to score a couple this weekend, so Son is a must have in the team of the week.


  • Price: £5.1m
  • Ownership: 2.7%
  • Projected Points: 4.63 Points

ASM is my differential pick of the week, as Newcastle face Arsenal this weekend. Arsenal are a relatively strong defence, with the 7th best xGA since the start of the month. Surprisingly, Newcastle have been very strong this month in terms of xG, with the 3rd highest. ASM is Newcastle’s talisman, leading the team in xA at 1.65. He is also averaging an astonishing 4.37 key passes per 90mins.

ASM is creating a lot of chances for Newcastle, and I think he could finally be rewarded for his efforts this weekend and put up a nice FPL score.


  • Price: £7.3m
  • Ownership: 19.9%
  • Projected Points: 5.74 Points

Mason Mount rounds out the midfield this week. Fulham have been middle of the road in terms of xGA, with the 8th best since the start of the month. Chelsea have the best xG in the league over that same period at 9.74, and Mount has been a big part of that. Mount leads the team in xA (1.87) and is 4th in xG (1.20) since April 1st. Mount is also on most set pieces so the attacking return potential is there. He also averages a surprising 4.37 shots per 90mins, so he is actively looking for the net.

Mount is heavily involved in everything Chelsea do, in an attacking line-up who are top in terms of xG this month. An easy selection for me.


  • Price: £11.8m
  • Ownership: 45.2%
  • Projected Points: 7.01 Points

Kane is my captain this week, with a great matchup against Sheffield United. The Blades and Spurs stats were mentioned in the Son section, so I will just focus on Kane. Since April 1st, Kane has the second highest xG in the league at 3.37, and he’s played one last game then everyone else due to injury! He returned from that in the league cup final, and should be ready to go.

Kane has been in superb form as of late, and with Spurs needing wins to push for European football he’s my captain this week.


  • Price: £10.3m
  • Ownership: 23.6%
  • Projected Points: 4.77 Points

Vardy makes his debut on the team of the week this week, as I double up on the Leicester forwards. Southampton have been very poor defensively, allowing 15 goals in their last 7 matches. Leicester on the other hand have been great offensively, ranking top 5 in xG over that same period. Vardy seems to be finding his form, ranking second on the team in xG (1.17) and third in xA (0.71) this month.

Leicester have been firing in the goals as of late, so Vardy makes the team of the week.


  • Price: £6.2m
  • Ownership: 22.9%
  • Projected Points: 4.75 Points

Iheanacho rounds out the team of the week, as he completes my Leicester forward double up against Southampton. The teams stats were discussed in Vardy’s section, so we will focus on Iheanacho’s superb form. With 9 goals and an assist in his last 7 games, he is arguably the hottest player in the league at the moment. Over that time he is first in xG, but also second in xA, showing that he is not only a goal threat, but also getting involved in producing for others.

Nacho-man is in phenomenal form, so he’s a no-brainer in the team of the week.

Man vs. Machine – Who will win?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is https___blogs-images.forbes.com_bernardmarr_files_2019_07_adobestock_152392992-1200x800-1.jpg
Now you have seen our teams, who do you think will win this week? Man vs. Machine!

Will Algo make a late run for the title? Or will I close it out?

Lets us know in the comments who you are backing this week!

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