Predicting the Dream Team – Foomni Vs. Texan (Gameweek 35)

Hello, and welcome to the 12th edition of Predicting the Dream Team brought to you by me, FPL Texan. In this article, we preview FPL Gameweek 35.

In this series, I go head-to-head each week with Foomni Analytics to see who can select the best team of the week, their algorithm or myself. It is a classic battle of man vs. machine!

So first off, let’s take a look at who won the tenth battle in GW34, myself or Foomni.

Gameweek 34 Review

ManagerGameweek ScoreH2H ScoreOverall Points
FPL Texan487781
Foomni’s Algo634769

As you can see, Algo won the battle, bringing the head to head score to 7-4! And have now won 2 in a row!

The key difference was Algo captaining Son. If Algo can win all of his remaining battles with me, he will win 8-7. If I win in GW35, there is no coming back for Algo!

Moving onto GW35, let’s take a look at Foomni Analytics’ team and a brief explanation of their algorithm.

Foomni’s Predicted Team of the Week (Gameweek 35)

Algo is a predictive algorithm developed by Foomni Analytics, with the goal of projecting FPL player points as correctly as possible. This is Algo’s second full season, and every week it makes new projections for all players and uses them to pick that week’s Dream Team, and provide general FPL advice.

Algo’s brain is a complex system that uses the data from several previous seasons to calculate a player’s form, and then determines what factors affect a player’s form, and applies appropriate modifiers to reflect them.

If you are interested to know more about Algo’s inner workings, this is a good place to start.

It is important to note that there may be a few final changes to Algo’s team following the press conferences.

Next, we will look at my predicted team of the week and my reasoning behind each decision.

Texan’s Predicted Team of the Week (Gameweek 35)

Important note before we begin – this is not my actual team for Gameweek 35, but instead my predicted team of the week (almost as though I had a free hit to choose as I wish).


  • Price: £4.8m
  • Ownership: 3.3%
  • Projected Points: 8.87 Points
    • Vs. Sheffield United: 5.32 Points
    • Vs. Southampton: 3.55 Points

Guaita makes the team for the first time this week, with a favourable double gameweek of Southampton and Sheffield United. Southampton and Sheffield United have both been rather poor offensively as of late, with both ranking in the bottom 5 for xG since April 1st. Crystal Palace are not a great defence, with the 5th worst xGA in the league over the same period, but I will roll with the Palace keeper this week as I think at least one clean sheet is possible.

Guaita is averaging 3.33 saves per match, so save point potential is also there.


  • Price: £7.6m
  • Ownership: 21%
  • Projected Points: 9.28 Points
    • Vs. Southampton: 5.86 Points
    • Vs. Man United: 3.42 Points

Trent is back in the team of the week, with a double gameweek of Southampton and Man United. Trent has been in great form as of late, leading the team in xA since April 1st at 1.21. Trent also leads the team in key passes per 90min at 2.75. United is a strong attacking team, ranking 7th in xG since April 1st, but Southampton have been quite poor with the 5th lowest xG.

A double digit week for Trent is definitely possible this week, considering his attacking form and clean sheet potential against Southampton.


  • Price: £5.4m
  • Ownership: 17.6%
  • Projected Points: 9.20 Points
    • Vs. Aston Villa: 2.64 Points
    • Vs. Leicester: 3.38 Points
    • Vs. Liverpool: 3.18 Points

Shaw is in the team of the week this week, with the triple gameweek of Aston Villa, Leicester, and Liverpool. Villa are middle of the road in xG, but Leicester are performing well with 6th highest and Liverpool 7th since April 1st so the clean sheet potential is not too high especially in the Leicester game. Like Digne, Shaw’s attacking potential is why he makes the team of the week. Shaw has the 5th highest xA amongst defenders of the last month and is on some set pieces for United.

For my defenders this week it is all about the attacking potential, so Shaw is on the team sheet.


  • Price: £5.8m
  • Ownership: 7.4%
  • Projected Points: 7.25 Points
    • Vs. Newcastle: 4.80 Points
    • Vs. Man United: 2.45 Points

Castagne rounds out the defence this week, with a double of Newcastle and Man United. Both teams rank in the top 7 for xG over April, but Leicester have also been strong as of late ranking with the 7th best xGA over the same period. Castagne is also heavily involved in the attack playing in both wing back positions for the foxes. He has a goal and assist in his last 5 games, ranking 4th in xG (0.81) and 3rd in xA (0.88) over that time.

I think a clean sheet is possible against Newcastle, and given Castagne’s attacking potential, a double digit week could be on the cards for him this week.


  • Price: £11.5m
  • Ownership: 55.3%
  • Projected Points: 18.16 Points
    • Vs. Aston Villa: 7.19 Points
    • Vs. Leicester: 5.95 Points
    • Vs. Liverpool: 5.02 Points

Bruno is back in the team of the week and is a part of my triple up of Man United this week. Although his numbers have not been there, with just an assist in his last 4 games, his underlying stats still show that he is producing the chances and has been unlucky to not get more returns. Since April 1st, he leads the team in xA (1.39) and is third in xG (1.21).

Bruno may have been underperforming his underlying stats as of late, and I think he should start to close in one the mean this week. He is my captain choice, and I think with the United triple gameweek he is a no-brainer.


  • Price: £7.2m
  • Ownership: 9.9%
  • Projected Points: 8.78 Points
    • Vs. Sheffield United:
    • Vs. Southampton:

Zaha makes the team of the week this week for the first time, with Palace having arguably the best double gameweek fixtures this week with Southampton and Sheffield United. Both the Saints and the Blades rank in the bottom 10 for xGA over the past month, which bodes well for taking a punt on Palace assets this week. Zaha is one of the main goal threats on the team with the second highest xG over the last month.

Palace have the best double in my opinion, so having their best attacker in Zaha is a must for my team of the week.


  • Price: £7.2m
  • Ownership: 6.9%
  • Projected Points: 8.24 Points
    • Vs. Aston Villa: 3.23 Points
    • Vs. Leicester: 2.47 Points
    • Vs. Man United: 2.54 Points

Greenwood make his debut on the team of the week, as he rounds out my United triple up. Greenwood is in phenomenal form to close out the season, with 4 goals in his last 4 games. Greenwood ranks 5th amongst midfielders in the league for xG since April 1st. He is also actively looking for goals, with 5.05 shots per 90 minutes. Greenwood is a slight rotation risk, but given his form at the moment I think it might be worth the risk for those trying to make a late rank push.

Greenwood is in great goal scoring form for United, so he makes the team of the week.


  • Price: £12.7m
  • Ownership: 35.2%
  • Projected Points: 12.67 Points
    • Vs. Southampton: 7.82 Points
    • Vs. Man United: 4.85 Points

Salah makes the team of the week with a double gameweek matchup against Southampton and Man United. Southampton have been poor as of late defensively, as we mentioned in the Zaha section, whilst United have been a top 3 defence since April 1st. Salah seems to be finding his goal scoring ways again as of late, since April 1st he leads Liverpool in xG at 2.80 and is 2nd in shots per 90mins at 5.31 shots.

Liverpool are starting to find the net again, needing results to get a top 4 spot. With a solid double gameweek, Salah rounds out the midfield.


  • Price: £7.0m
  • Ownership: 14.9%
  • Projected Points: 8.34 Points
    • Vs. Southampton: 4.48 Points
    • Vs. Man United: 3.86 Points

Jota rounds out the midfield this week, with a double of Southampton and Man United. The defensive stats were just mentioned in the Salah section, so we will just focus on Jota. Jota has been in great form since returning from injury, ranking second on the team in xG since April 1st at 2.37. He is also averaging 5.58 shots per 90 mins, so he and Salah are looking to find the net.

Jota has been unlucky to not get more returns over the last few weeks in my opinion, and he could start to find some this double gameweek.


  • Price: £10.3m
  • Ownership: 22.6%
  • Projected Points: 8.47 Points
    • Vs. Newcastle:
    • Vs. Man United

Vardy is back again this week, with the double of Newcastle and Man United. Man United are a top 3 team in terms of xGA this month, but Newcastle is the fixture to get excited about for Leicester assets, with the Magpies having the worst xGA in the league this month. Vardy is not the asset he has been in years past, but he is still putting up solid numbers for the foxes. Since April 1st, he ranks second in xG (1.65) and 4th in xA (0.78) for Leicester.

With a favourable matchup with Newcastle in the double, I think we could have a Vardy Party this week.


  • Price: £6.3m
  • Ownership: 25.7%
  • Projected Points: 8.44 Points
    • Vs. Newcastle: 4.79 Points
    • Vs. Man United: 3.65 Points

Iheanacho rounds out the team of the week, with a double gameweek of Newcastle and Man United. The defensive stats of these two teams were mentioned in the Vardy section, so we will just focus on Iheanacho. Iheanacho is arguably the hottest player in the Premier League at the moment, with 9 goals and 2 assists in his last 8 games. Amongst forwards in the league since April 1st, he ranks 3rd in xG (2.87) and first in xA (1.42).

Iheanacho is in the form of his life right now and has a double gameweek, so he is a must in my team of the week

Man vs. Machine – Who will win?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is https___blogs-images.forbes.com_bernardmarr_files_2019_07_adobestock_152392992-1200x800-1.jpg
Now you have seen our teams, who do you think will win this week? Man vs. Machine!

Will Algo make a late run for the title? Or will I close it out?

Lets us know in the comments who you are backing this week!

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