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So, it seems as though I have joined the fantasy football blogging bandwagon – why join such a saturated market you ask? Let me explain briefly…

I am in the process of working to create and build a website dedicated to fantasy premier league that will be launched for the 2018/19 season. It will be part-blog part other concept, the details of which will be divulged in the early summer of 2018 – the other concept will revolutionise the way we play fantasy premier league… Okay maybe not revolutionise but I can guarantee it will be a hit! We have identified a problem that many fantasy managers who are in mini-leagues experience – our idea solves this problem and provides the ultimate user experience to something else.

My thought then was to use the revelation that is WordPress, to blog for a year on all things fantasy football and test the waters of the FPL community in the hope that my content will be hugely helpful and greatly appreciated – of course, it’s just a hope but I’ll let the community decide.

So please read, comment and more importantly, sit back and enjoy the content we have to offer!

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